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Star Wars Joke About Darth Vader

Check out more funny Star Wars jokes or check out the best yo mama jokes ever. You may also enjoy our awesome collection of really funny blogs.


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Satirical News

Devil Replaces John Boehner Who Resigned. Here's Why.
Hedge Fund Manager Shot Dead By His Own Son
This Is How Barack Obama Will Punish North Korea For Sony Cyberattack
Do Internet Companies Consider Us Monkeys Or Humans?
'Most Americans Live In A Parallel Universe' Study Finds
Internet Freedom: Something Both Obama and Republicans Want To Suppress
WTO Is The New Barack Obama
Warren Buffett Has Wasted 10 Billion Dollars On Facebook
This Is Why Bo Pelini Is Happy To Be Fired
Does This Woman Deserve 186$ Million Court Gave Her?
UBER CONTROVERSY: How Uber Has Partnered With Mafia
This Is Why Americans Have Voted For Republicans
This Is How Food Throwing Led To Police Raid
These Are The Terrifying Results of Using Apple Pay
Who Is Barack Obama: The Bitter Truth
Amazon Releases Crazy, Trash-Talking Speaker
Farewell To Horse: How Horse Has Eased The Suffering Of Cancer Patient
Non-Combat Troops Who Will Just Stare In The Distance
Election Day News: Mud-Slinging Has Won By A Landslide
This Is Why Gay Tim Cook Is Proud Of His Brother
This Is How Facebook Trending Ads Are Going To Annoy You
This Halloween, Barack Obama Dressed Up As This Character
Regret Makes The Man Return The Stolen Cash
Bomb ISIS with junk food and video games
Barack Obama Is Now More Offensive Than N-Word
Desperate Democrats are Transforming Conservatives by Stripping Then of Their Former Identities and Turning Them into Leftists
This Is How Detroit Politicians Will Screw Over Their People
This Star Wars Character Robbed The Bank
A Bag Of Money Falls Off The Roof. Blame Bad Memory.
To Watch Blacklist, Someone Tried To Hack This Website
Republicans Tell The Poor Americans To Drop Dead
Americans Trust ISIS More Than Obama
Disability Has Not Stopped This Guy From Robbing A Store
This New US Measure Will Give Israel More Money Than Ever
Why Women Are Better Navigators Than Men
10 Dumbest Policies US Government Will Enforce Against ISIS
The World's Worst Leader Gets 2nd Nobel Prize
Nielsen's Glitch Paves The Way For Bigger Screwup
That's How They Self-Destructed Their Own Privacy Policy
This Celebrity Claims She Has Microchip Inside Her Head
Why This Attorney General Won't Fight Same-Sex Marriage
Cops Refuse To Investigate These Facebook Complaints
California Is Creating Army to Attack Federal Reserve
This Is How Saudis Protect ISIS From Getting Bombed
Zuckerberg's Attempt To Take Over Africa REVEALED
Some People Too Lazy To Add Milk To Corn Flakes
Obama Plans To Play 'Spin The Bottle' In This Terrible Way
Apple's Executives Wanted You To Avoid Taxes
NFL Demands More Subsidies, Less Education | We Agree
Apple's iCloud Is Now Literally In The Cloud
Beyond iPhone: Apple's New Phone BendGate iBend
Secret Recording Reveals Rockefeller Conspiracy
Republicans Angry Corporate Tax Breaks Are So Little
Ghost of Steve Jobs Visits Obama, Tells Him He Sucks
Texas To Secede From USA Because Of ISIS
This Is The Reason North Korea Is The World's Best Country
Obama: 'No Boots On the Ground. Only Classy Dress Shoes'
Apple Fanboys Angry iPhone Costs So Little
George Bush and Barack Obama Form A Boy Band
How Obama Will Use The Right To Be Forgotten
How Billionaires Are Rewriting The History
How Turtle Put The Man In Jail
Scotland Plans To Become A Part Of Russia
The Man Behind Celebrity Photo Leaks REVEALED
Obama's Secret Strategy for ISIS REVEALED
This Is SENSATIONAL What CIA Director Has Admitted
That's Unbelievable How Justin Bieber Caused The Death Of Monkey
'Dolphins Are Smarter Than Congressmen,' Study Finds
2 Girls Fight Each Other On The Plane, End Up In This Place
Drones May Start Flying Above Disneyland
President Nixon is Said to Be the Victim of CIA, Because...
This Woman Got A Letter Telling Her SHE IS DEAD
Justin Bieber is The New Minister of Culture in...
Potato Salad Guy Inspires A Movie. Thanks Kickstarter.
Are People Willing To Pay For Ad-Free Internet?
Student Arrested for Killing Dinosaur
1 Simple Trick To Avoid Getting Screwed By Banks
Model's Silicon Breasts Poison An Animal
This Monkey Knows How To Make Awesome Photos
Can of Beer Helps Cops Bust A Criminal
Twitter's Reaction To CEO's Slip-Up Is  Hilarious and Priceless
Science Found The Best Excuse For Leaving Work Early
Elephant Uses Car To Get Relief From An Itch
Harvard Can Now Turn You Into Happy Zombie In 20 Minutes
Emergency! No longer possible to waste time on Facebook!
Is This The End of Internet Freedom?
Piece of Poop Priced at 10,000$
Congressman Moron Replaces Drug Addict
FBI Declassified File: 'Russian Atomic Bomb In... New York City'
New Digital Currency Based On Who You Are
Man Who Kicked Police Horse Vs. Men Who Wheeled Away Credit Union Safe
IT Worker Becomes Living Dead VS. Horse On The Balcony
8 Weirdest News of the Month
High School For Sale: Student Prank
Man Steals GPS, Reports Himself Lost - Was That GPS Bad?
Is He Dead? Or Is He Just Meditating?
Restaurant Owner Tries to Murder Customer Who Found A Roach
Talking Cars May Come to USA in 2017: Will They Stutter?
Funny News: Fox News Sucks Again
This Is Why British Banks Refuse Large Cash Withdrawals


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