25+ Irish Toasts You Need To Know

Please have a look at these Irish toasts because they’re memorable and awesome. I’m sure your friends will like ’em because they’ll cheer ’em up.

Most of them, some of which are funny toasts, will have everyone raising their glasses high in celebration of the Emerald Isle, love, life, and laughter. So pick your favorite toast and put a smile on everyone’s face by raising a glass and charming everyone with a good line.

Irish Wedding Toasts That Are Witty & Fun

Irish Flag Fluttering In The Blue Sky
  1. “Here’s to the groom, who’s now a hostage, held captive by love and beauty, may he enjoy his captivity and may it be forever.”
  2. “Here’s to the bride, who has finally caught her man, and to the groom, who has finally caught a clue, may your love be as strong as your sense of humor.”
  3. “Here’s to the newlyweds, who have found true love, and have decided to spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out who moved the furniture.”
  4. “Here’s to the bride and groom, who have decided to share their lives, and their Netflix account, may their love be as deep as the Atlantic, and their binges as unending as the Irish whiskey.”

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Traditional Toasts That Are Truly Irish

Irish Culture Exemplified By The Heritage Tower Museum
  1. “May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back.”
  2. “May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.”
  3. “May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields.”
  4. “May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”
  5. “May the Lord keep you in His hand and never close His fist too tight.”
  6. “May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know where you’re going, and the insight to know when you’ve gone too far.”
  7. “May you be blessed with a sense of humor, to see the funny side of things, a heart that is full of love, and a life that is full of joy.”
  8. “May the good Lord take a liking to you, but not too soon!”

Modern Toasts For All Occasions

  1. “May your glass be ever full, may the roof over your head be always strong, and may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”
  2. “May your troubles be as few and far between as my grandmother’s teeth.”
  3. “May your heart be light, may your life be long, may your troubles be as few as your blessings.”
  4. “Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!”
  5. “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night.”
  6. “May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know where you’re going, and the insight to know when you’ve gone too far.”
  7. “May the friends gathered around this table never part and may their memories together forever warm their hearts.”
  8. “May the road rise to meet you and the wind be at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.”

Short Irish Toasts That Will Amuse All

  1. “May your laughter echo in the hills, and your love be the fire in your heart, may your dreams be as bold as the Emerald Isle, and your future as bright as a shamrock.”
  2. “May your journey be filled with adventure and your days with joy, may your heart be full of laughter, and your soul with peace.”
  3. “May the music of the Emerald Isle fill your ears, and the warmth of its people fill your heart, may your steps be light, and your spirit free, as you navigate the beautiful journey of life.”
  4. “May the blessings of the Irish rain fall upon you, and the luck of the leprechauns guide your way, may your troubles be few, and your happiness many, as you toast to a life filled with love and joy.”

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Frequently Asked Questions You May Be Interested In

People who searched for Irish toasts asked the questions you can find below. Maybe you’ll find answers to them interesting.

What is a Celtic toast?

A Celtic toast is a traditional way of expressing good wishes or congratulations, often made at celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. A Celtic toast is usually given by raising a glass and saying a phrase or verse that wishes good luck, prosperity, health, and happiness to the person or group being honored. The phrase or verse may be in the form of a blessing, a rhyme, or a poem, and it is often steeped in the Celtic culture and heritage. It can also be a way of celebrating the culture, tradition and heritage of the Celtic nations such as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man.

What are some good Irish sayings?

Here are some popular Irish sayings:

  1. “May the road rise to meet you.”
  2. “A friend’s eye is a good mirror.”
  3. “A trouble shared is a trouble halved.”
  4. “There’s no use boiling your cabbage twice.”
  5. “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures.”
  6. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
  7. “You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.”
  8. “It’s not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that.”
  9. “Here’s to a long life and a merry one.”
  10. “Better be quarreling than lonesome.”
  11. “May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know where you’re going, and the insight to know when you’ve gone too far.”
  12. “An Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hold onto one blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth.”

These sayings are not just limited to the Irish culture but are also widely used and recognized as a part of the Irish heritage and identity. They are often used to express good wishes and advice and they can be used in many different contexts. If you want to read more good Irish sayings like them, I think you’ll like these absolutely awesome 55 Best Funny Irish Blessings, Sayings, & Proverbs.

What is the traditional Irish wedding toast?

The traditional Irish wedding toast is usually given by the father of the bride or the best man, and it is a way of wishing the newlyweds happiness and good luck in their new life together. A traditional Irish wedding toast often includes a reference to the couple’s heritage and culture, and it often includes a blessing or a poem.

One traditional Irish wedding toast is “Sláinte agus sonas” which means “health and happiness” in Irish. It is often used to toast the couple during the reception. Another traditional Irish wedding toast is “May your love be as strong as the oak tree and as constant as the seasons.” This toast is a wish for the couple’s love to be enduring and unshakable.

In traditional Irish weddings, it is also common to hear a toast that goes “May your love be as deep as the oceans and as bright as the stars above, May your happiness be as boundless as the skies and may your love for each other continue to grow.” This toast is a way to wish the couple a love that will be unending, deep and bright as the ocean and stars.

It’s worth mentioning that these toasts may vary depending on the region and the family traditions. The most important thing is to convey well wishes and happiness for the couple in a heartfelt and sincere manner.

What is the common toast in Ireland?

Castle On The Hill In Northern Ireland

The most common toast in Ireland is “Sláinte” (pronounced “slawn-cha”), which means “health” in Irish. This toast is often used to wish good health and well-being to the people you are drinking with. It is commonly used at the beginning or end of a meal or a social event, and it is often accompanied by the clinking of glasses.

Another common toast is “A pint of plain is your only man” which usually refers to a pint of Guinness, a stout beer that is very popular in Ireland. This toast is often used in pubs and social events as a way to enjoy a pint of Guinness with friends.

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