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where we will not only make fun of them, but also provide you with answers. That’s an excellent opportunity to make fun of people who ask you stupid questions and then are surprised why you are so pissed off. You can go even further and teach them a lesson by writing your own funny answer and sending them a link to it.

“What are your Stupid Questions like?”

To get an idea of the type of questions and answers we are looking for, check out our current Stupid Questions. They are  by no means a guide, however. If your stupid question and funny answer are either drastically different from them or do not fall within any categories listed there, you can still submit them and we promise to consider them. And as a matter of fact, we will publish them, as long as they make us laugh.

“What happens after I submit?”

If your stupid question and funny answer make the cut, we’ll send you email. If not, send us more stupid questions and you might get lucky and get an opportunity to embarrass that stupid bastard. If you prefer not to disclose your email, that’s okay too: just don’t write it and check back the above-mentioned link in a few days.


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