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Half Moon Puns

illustration that shows the essence of half moon puns that follow
  1. Why did the moon burp? Because it was full!
  2. How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!
  3. What’s the moon’s favorite gum? Orbit.
  4. Why did the moon go to the bank? To change quarters.
  5. What does a moon do when it gets lost? It eclipses.
  6. Why was the moon tired? Because it had a full day.
  7. Why did the moon break up with the sun? Because it needed its space.
  8. Why was the moon so arrogant? Because it was a little full of itself.
  9. What’s the moon’s favorite restaurant? The Crater Café.
  10. Why did the moon go to school? To get a little brighter.
  11. How do you know when the moon is going broke? When it’s down to its last quarter.
  12. Why did the moon skip the gym? It didn’t want to eclipse its workout.
  13. How does the moon sign off its letters? “Lunar regards.”
  14. What’s a moon’s favorite song? “Fly me to the Moon.”
  15. What did the snail say about the moon? “It’s out of this world, but it sure moves slow!”

Restaurant on the Moon Jokes

illustration that depicts restaurant on the moon
  1. Why don’t they serve beer on the moon? Because you’d get too spaced out.
  2. What did the astronaut say in the moon restaurant? “I’ll have the space special.”
  3. Why is the moon restaurant famous? For its out-of-this-world cuisine!
  4. What do you wear to a dinner on the moon? A space suit.
  5. How do you leave a tip at the moon restaurant? In starbucks.
  6. What’s the moon’s restaurant’s best dish? The meteor meatball.
  7. Why did the moon restaurant introduce gravity? To keep the food down.
  8. How does the moon restaurant keep its food fresh? In a vacuum pack.
  9. What’s the hardest job at the moon restaurant? The dishwasher – because there’s no atmosphere to dry the plates.
  10. What’s the most popular drink at the moon restaurant? The Milky Way shake.
  11. Why did the history book visit the moon restaurant? To relive the Apollo missions.
  12. What’s the moon restaurant’s policy on reservations? First come, first moon.
  13. What’s the moon restaurant’s slogan? “Dine in a crater, feel greater!”
  14. What’s the moon restaurant’s favorite song? Rocket Man.
  15. How do you get a fast meal at the moon restaurant? You order a comet combo.

    Moon Jokes One-Liners

    1. The moon’s favorite day of the week? Moonday.
    2. What’s a moon’s least favorite chore? Vacuuming the space dust.
    3. Why was the moon so proud? It had a small part in a Hollywood movie.
    4. What’s the moon’s favorite social media? Insta-moon.
    5. Why do moons love classical music? Because of Beetho-venus.
    6. Why don’t moons get lonely? They have a whole universe of friends!
    7. What’s the moon’s favorite type of music? Rock-et.
    8. Why did the moon go to therapy? It had too many phases.
    9. What do you call a moon out of orbit? A lunatic.
    10. Why was the moon so cool? It was a star before it was discovered.
    11. How do you know if a moon is bored? It starts mooning around.

    Short Moon Puns

    1. Why is the moon so rich? Because it has many quarters.
    2. What do you call a moon’s dog? A lunarpooch.
    3. Why did the moon start a diary? To record its phases.
    4. What’s a moon’s favorite dance? The moonwalk obviously.
    5. Why did the moon get an award? For its outstanding light.
    6. How does the moon stay clean? It showers in meteor streams.
    7. The moon’s favorite street? The Milky Way.
    8. Why did the moon quit school? It was tired of going through phases.
    9. Why was the moon so popular? It had a glowing personality.
    10. Why does the moon love history? It’s been around for ages.
    11. What’s a moon’s dream job? A satellite technician.

    Sun And Moon Jokes

    1. What did the sun say to the moon? “You light up my world.”
    2. Why was the sun so knowledgeable? Because it had a million degrees!
    3. How do you know if the sun and moon are going out? They eclipse each other!
    4. What’s the sun’s favorite song? Here Comes the Sun.
    5. Why don’t the sun and moon fight? They have an eclipse every time they meet.
    6. How does the sun listen to music? On solar panels.
    7. What’s the sun’s favorite candy? Starbursts.
    8. Why was the moon so envious of the sun? Because it always had a sunny disposition.
    9. What do the sun and moon do when they hang out? They light up the sky.
    10. Why did the sun go to the party? It was the brightest one there.
    11. Why did the sun and moon get married? They had a celestial bond.
    12. Why was the sun so good at school? It was at the center of every subject.
    13. What do the sun and moon wear to bed? Skyjamas.
    14. How do the sun and moon solve their problems? They eclipse them.
    15. What did the sun say to the moon during an eclipse? “Catch you on the dark side.”

    Full Moon Jokes

    1. Why is the full moon so emotional? It’s just a phase.
    2. Why was the full moon so bright? It aced its light exam.
    3. What’s a full moon’s favorite song? Moon River.
    4. Why was the full moon so popular? It had a magnetic personality.
    5. Why was the full moon so good at jokes? It was always beaming.
    6. How does the full moon greet the stars? “Bright to meet you!”
    7. What did the full moon say to the star? “You’re a twinkle in my night.”
    8. How do you throw a full moon party? You just have to planet right.
    9. What’s the full moon’s favorite type of music? Anything with a good beat.
    10. Why did the full moon visit the therapist? It felt a little eclipsed.
    11. What’s the full moon’s favorite sport? Lunar-golf.
    12. Why was the full moon so wise? It was full of lunar lore.
    13. How does the full moon stay informed? By keeping up with the night news.
    14. Why was the full moon so hard to impress? It had seen all phases.
    15. What did the pirates say under the full moon? “Arrr, it’s a treasure to behold!”
    illustration that depicts people eating under the full moon

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