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I haven’t only read the original news and whimsically rewrote them. I also did my best to destroy them with my satire (hopefully, the news didn’t destroy my sense of satire; otherwise, that would be an annihilation). Either way, if you suddenly start feeling satirized and the next second find yourself in a hospital, you’d know who to sue and won’t embarrass yourself like this attorney:

The story above is one of the few true stories on this page. Most of the stories on this page are satire. But I’m sure you’ve already realized that. Of if you haven’t realized that yet, you’re probably the smartest person in the world and deserve a Nobel Prize for your astounding intelligence. Either way, if you end up liking my satirical news articles, please share them with your friends today. They would sure appreciate this satirical humor and would thank you.

5 Facts About These Satirical News Articles

1) They’re the first satire written in the history of humankind.
2) The aliens paid the author one million dollars for each of them.
3) The aliens from space have paid the author this money, not various other kinds of aliens you may be thinking about.
4) The aliens from space are trying to influence the life on Earth through these articles.
5) These facts are satire. If you get this hint, that means you aren’t special enough for an above-mentioned Nobel Prize. If you don’t get this hint, congratulations! You won the prize!