Hedge Fund Manager Shot Dead By His Own Son


You probably have seen lots of movies and TV shows about the lives of the rich. Their kids do very little and get a lot of money. That’s how they were portrayed. All of those TV shows and movies missed one interesting scenario, however: what happens when the super-rich father stops giving his spoiled son money?

The reality has answered that question. The hedge fund manager stopped giving his son four thousand two hundred dollars a month – one thousand two hundred as cash and three thousand as rent payment. When this happened, the son murdered him. Apparently, he was too afraid to become homeless.

If the son had no means to earn money, that would be somewhat understandable, though still reprehensible. But the situation is completely different. The son was educated at Princeton and could easy get a job at some hedge fund. If his father got him into Princeton, he could easily get him anywhere else.

I choose to be optimistic. Perhaps the motive was altruistic. Perhaps the son wanted to punish his father for all the suffering he has wreaked upon the world through derivatives and other means of financial destruction. But this is the optimism I get from Californian sun shining into my window right now. The real reason is likely to be dark, just like the weather in NYC where it happened.

If it turned out that the father was actually killed by mother, I would not be surprised. The families of financial executives are so bad you can write a murder mystery about each of them and be killed in process.

After this story broke out, Princeton’s spokesperson has once again reiterated that they are very proud of their alumni, even those who murder their relatives.

These news were originally reported by The New York Daily News, so you should take them with a tablespoon of salt, one pill of aspiring, and two glasses of cold water. And if you live in New York, you should read this publication while taking antidepressants and drinking vodka.

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spongerob squarecants
Who said there was honor among 1% trash? These people value money over even their own blood. Pure evil. Just ask Criminalberg.

Ken Potus
How can you take this instance and attribute it to all of the 1%? Do you take the everyday killings contributed by the 99% and say all of them are killers?

spongerob squarecants
The 99% didn’t destroy the economy of this country and they didn’t rob corporations and hedge fund sleaze like this collectively to the tune of untold billions. My point is on top of ruthlessly acquiring all those ill-gotten gains at the expense of us working/middle class people, many of them are more than ready to kill for that lazy, unearned, affluent lifestyle they crave so much, as proven here. That makes them twice as evil as your typical murdering 99%er.

Roman Marshanski
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