Top 10 Worst Evil Dictators And Glorious Leaders With Inglorious Deaths


Considering becoming one of the worst evil dictators of all time? Start your research by reading this page. Maybe you can avoid the mistakes of your predecessors and enslave half of humanity with absolutely positive consequences. Miracles happen.

What If You Turn Yourself Into One Of The Greatest Evil Dictators?

If you become an evil dictator, not only will you murder thousands – maybe even millions of men – you may actually enjoy it. You would regret it when your enemies get hold of you though. They would come up with ways to torture you that even scientific geniuses will find creative. However, it is not for us to judge your evil plans, even if you are planning to enslave half of humanity by doing your research about former greats.

Most of the so-called great men in this list have murdered millions of people and ended up being murdered. But even if theories about their murders are false, you would still refuse to trade places with them. The deaths of these evil dictators are painful like your mother-in-law.

10. Valentine Strasser: The Youngest Dictator Of All Time

You may have heard of lots of brutal dictators who ended up getting murdered. But chances are, you’ve never heard of a brutal dictator who ended up living with his mom. If you think that’s fiction, think again. There’s a guy like that.

That dictator’s name is Valentine Strasser. He came to power at the age of 25 in 1992. That made him the youngest ruler ever. His stay in power lasted for only four years though. Apparently the people did not like being ruled by someone half their age.

Now he lives with his mother and drinks gin by the side of the road. He does not even have a job. He is unemployed and spends weekends playing checkers with his friends.

Playing checkers may be not be inglorious. But living off your mom is, even if you are not a former dictator. There’s a bright side, however. Anyone living with his mom can cite this former dictator as their inspiration.

9. Rafael Trujillo: Little-Known Evil Dictator

You probably understand that the vast majority of dictators rob their people blind. But this one did not just rob his people. He actually transferred the ownership of all the major industries to his name. That way he came to own the monopolies of salt, tobacco, employee insurance, and beer.

Like Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, he heaped himself with glorious titles, such as “Generalissimo Dr. Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina, Honorable Chief of State, Benefactor of the Nation, President and Dictator of the Dominican Republic“.

Was he really “Honorable Chief of State” and “Benefactor of the Nation”? Only if you were a member of his inner circle. Like all of us, he had a dark side. The difference between him and us is that he got to show his dark side with complete immunity. His immunity did not save him from the fury of his own people though. So don’t try to emulate his actions on your relatives.

He ordered 20,000 people to be killed. It was called “Parsley Massacre”. But nobody outside Dominican Republic knew about it for a long time after it happened, and even today not many people know about it.

The payback came when he was ambushed and gunned down. It was not a full-blown revolution, however. It was an ambush by a bunch of armed men fed up with his atrocities.

8. Muammar Gaddafi: Dictator With Humble Beginnings

If there ever was a leader with humble beginnings, that leader is Muammar Gadhafi. He was born and raised in a tent in the desert, to a father who herded camels and sheep. Their tent didn’t even have a decent air-conditioner.

In spite of such humble beginnings, he rose to the top in no time. He was 27 years old when he came to rule Libya. Unlike his subsequent deeds, however, his coup was totally bloodless.

He was able to come to power without blood because the monarch was out of country. So there you go, if you want to become a dictator, go to African country that has a monarch out of the country. Just don’t forget to send me a couple million dollars when you come to power thanks to my advice.

Though Gaddafi’s rise to power was not particularly glorious, he heaped himself with glory soon afterwards. He proclaimed himself “king of culture”, “the brother leader,” “the guide to the era of the masses,” “the king of kings of Africa” – and his favorite one: “the leader of the revolution”.

In spite of all these glorious titles, he ended up like a lowlife criminal. He was found hiding in “drainage pipes filled with rubbish”. Then the rebel fighters may have sodomised him with a pole or knife, or just shot him dead in abdomen. But they did not think it was enough. They dragged his body through the streets, where just months earlier his portraits in glorious attire could be seen. Whether this is true or the official version is true will never be known. But that he was found hiding in “drainage pipes filled with rubbish” is indeed an established fact.

7. Saddam Hussein: Evil Dictator With Inglorious Death

Like Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein was born into extreme poverty. His parents were peasants who lived in a mud hut. His father died while Saddam’s mother was pregnant with him. Then his mother tried to commit a suicide, both because of her husband’s death and extreme poverty.

These tragic events may have turned him into a cold-hearted, bloodthirsty despot. Regardless of whether this is true or not, his life was filled with blood-stained glory.

Saddam had ordered mosques, airports, neighborhoods, and entire cities to be named after him. He has also put a statue of himself near the entrance of every village and stuck the picture of himself everywhere he could. In turn, his enemies joked that Iraq has 34 million people: 17 million people and 17 million portraits of Saddam.

He even had his own food taster. That food taster was beaten to death by his son, however. That must have been an omen for inglorious events to come. His death was the final event of this sort. Witnesses of his execution hurled insults at him and he had to listen.

6. Napoleon Bonaparte: The Great Emperor Whose Death Was Long And Painful

Napoleon Bonaparte started as a soldier and ended up as an emperor of Europe’s most powerful nation. His tenure at this position was short-lived, however. He ruled France for only 10 years, not counting his second 3-month stint.

Though France had kings before him, Napoleon Bonaparte was the first man to become emperor.

Napoleon was not simply a great political and military leader though. His ideas have influenced United States’ constitution, more than anything else. So the official name of United States’ constitution is not the United States’ constitution. The official name of the United States’ constitution is Code Napoleon.

Napoleon even predicted his own glory by saying that his laws will outlast his other achievements.

Napoleon’s glory made him most the celebrated person of his time. Some of the greatest people of his time – Lord Byron, Ludwig van Beethoven, and many others – have all considered him a hero and paid tributes to him.

All this glory aside, Napoleon has cost Europe a generation of young men lost to war. Overall, he is estimated to have been responsible for the lives of millions of people, many of whom were innocent.

Just like his many wars, his death was prolonged and painful. He was left to suffer for months without medical assistance.

Napoleon ended up like a destitute person who can’t even pay for his own medical needs. Hardly a glorious ending, especially for someone of his rank.

5. Julius Caesar: Roman Dictator And Military Leader You Already Know

Caesar is probably the best known historical figure of all. He was the head of the world’s most famous empire.

He is also one of the few to have cool-sounding words named after him. Russians and Germans have both named words after him. These words are ‘czar’ (in Russian) and ‘kaiser’ (in German). They both mean ‘ruler’.

However great his accomplishments may be, he showed his remarkable character even before his ascent to power. While in his mid-20s, he was kidnapped by pirates. He made them regret it. After ransom for him has been paid, he captured and murdered them.

William Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” is another way Caesar’s glory has captivated the world. Once again, it showed that he is one of the select few. Not many political leaders had a play by world’s greatest poet written about them.

However great his glory may be, his final day was just as violent as his military career. Around 60 men participated in his assassination. Quite an inglorious ending.

4. Charlemagne: One Of The Lesser-Known Evil Dictators Of Europe

Though not as famous as Caesar or Napoleon, Charlemagne led a glorious life that was filled with great adventures.

Also known as Charles the Great, he was able to unite almost all of Western Europe during his lifetime. Nobody was able to do that since the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. That period encompassed more than three hundred years, just a little more than it takes for a pizza delivery.

Charlemagne’s greatness was not solely in his conquests though. His true greatness showed itself in the impact his conquests had on subsequent generations. They laid foundation for what we call Europe. So both France and Germany – two of Europe’s greatest nations – date their existence back to Charlemagne the Great.

For this reason, historians often call him “the Father of Europe”. There is even a book about him called ‘Charlemagne: Father of a Continent’.

Charlemagne was also a remarkable person of culture. His activity helped spur the Carolingian Renaissance, the period when culture and arts flourished.

Nevertheless, Charlemagne did shed a lot of blood. Indeed, like many other military leaders, he can be considered a mass murderer. He have killed thousands of people in just one day, all of whom were prisoners.

His death was not as violent as that of Caesar though. He died under peaceful circumstances.

“So why do you put him in a list of ‘Worst Evil Dictators And Glorious Leaders With Inglorious Deaths’?” You may ask. Well, this is because he was suffering from a severe depression that may have been caused by his sense that he has not achieved enough. There is nothing inglorious about depression. But the depression of his kind pointed at insane hunger for power that even the greatest conquests of Europe could not satisfy.

3. Ivan The Terrible: One Of The Most Evil Dictators In Russian History

Among the figures of this list, Ivan the Terrible is the most complex one. While Caesar and Charlemagne have left their empires strengthened, Ivan has left his state weakened. However, he did manage lots of conquests and made significant contributions that earned him considerable glory.

His personal character is even more complex, primarily because of his difficult childhood. Just like Saddam Hussein’s parents, his parents died when he was very young. So at eight years old he was already by himself, though surrounded by regents, Russia’s richest and most powerful people.

These regents have abused and humiliated him, and their competition against one another turned young Ivan into a regular witness of violence. When he was 16 years old, however, Ivan became the first person ever to become the Czar of All Russia.

Starting from that age, he began his 37-year reign that turned out many contributions. He has centralized the government, conquered territories, and instituted progressive administrative policies. So it is arguable that the modern state of Russia began its existence during his reign. Considering the role Russia has taken in subsequent centuries, this is definitely a glorious achievement.

In spite of all this glory, Ivan’s legacy was tragic. His death paved the way for one of Russia’s most difficult periods called “The Time of Troubles”.

Even though “The Time of Troubles” started after his son’s death, his decisions have affected his country in a negative way. That’s why this period is frequently referred to as his legacy.

Therefore, among the leaders of this list, Ivan the Terrible is the leader with the most inglorious ending. Not only did he suffer from mental illness, but he also plunged his whole country into its worst period.

2. Karl Marx: Ideological Leader Of Communism

Karl Marx is different from all other figures on this list. And that’s not just because he was a communist. He is different because, unlike other leaders on this list, he has not murdered anyone.

You may think he has created something like a book about a fairy land, a Disneyland of sorts. Well, you would be partially right. His followers have indeed created something of an evil Disneyland, the one in which you could get murdered in a blink of an eye, after looking at their leader’s portrait in a disapproving manner.

Karl Marx laid foundation for what we know as “communism”. Both Lenin and Stalin – founders of Soviet Union – acknowledged him as their “ideological inspiration”. Karl Marx wouldn’t necessarily approve of these two men, however. He would likely be disgusted by the tragic death count of Stalin’s murderous reign.

Nevertheless, his impact on human civilization has been immense. United States’ main rival – Soviet Union – owed its ideology to this man. Though the Soviet Union has collapsed, its legacy has left a lasting imprint. Moreover, China – another stronghold of communism – is still alive and well. So you would probably agree that his name has achieved a high point of glory.

In spite of this glory, his life was inglorious. He and his family spent most of their lives in extreme poverty.

1. Joan Of Arc: The Great Female Leader Of France

Like Karl Marx, Joan of Arc has not murdered anyone. Instead, she inspired people to rebel against the invaders.

Even though she showed herself as a brilliant military strategist, she never fought in a battle (LINK 33). Instead, she was a cheerleader. She was not wearing a shirt skirt though.

Some of her enemies were so terrified of her they thought she has cast a spell on them.

Joan’s heroism was one thing that turned the tide of The Hundred Years’ War. Before her, the French were losing. After she came on the stage, the French started winning. So the conflict ended with France’s victory.

In spite of her glorious deeds, her death was violent and inglorious. She got the same treatment as witches got. After being captured by the British, she was burned alive.

The morale is clear. Lie on the couch and watch TV. Then you won’t become a glorious leader and will save yourself from getting burned alive. Alternatively, you may check out more interesting stuff by this article’s author: it’s right below, and the author is confident you will enjoy it.

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