51 Really Stupid Questions To Ask Your Friends & More To Know

Why ask your friends the same small talk questions when you can ask them something memorable? So pick one of these really stupid questions and LOL together.

These questions are perfect for almost any occasion. They’re perfect for the time when you want to make your friends giggle. And they’re perfect for the time when you want to ask something memorable. So you can use them as Tinder conversation starters.

In short, whenever you’re bored, these are the questions to ask. These are the questions to ask a girl and these are the questions to ask a guy. These dumb questions work both ways.

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10 Really Stupid Questions

Batman Slapping Robin For Asking Really Stupid Questions
Robin just can’t stop being stupid…

These questions, though stupid, will help you build friendships and learn about the silly side of your friends. So memorize your favorite question or just message it to your best friend because we know you’d be wasting your time anyway. So why not waste your time in a stupidly cool way?

  1. You’re now the president, but you can only make changes that improve the lives of cats in your jurisdiction. What three things would you change to support the felines in your community?
  2. If your pet could talk, what’s one thing they could say that would completely ruin your image?
  3. Would you rather have a disease that makes you say every thought that ever crosses your mind, or a disease that makes you react very inappropriately to all the interactions that happen to you and around you?
  4. What is the worst thing that a person can put on their bio on a dating app?
  5. Brushing your teeth or wiping your butt – you have to give one up. Which one would it be and why?
  6. Your life is now a video game. What are some of the cheat codes you can use and what do they do?
  7. If you were to appoint a president of the Internet, who would it be and why?
  8. Would you rather own a horse the size of a cat or a cat the size of a mouse?
  9. If animals could talk, which species would be the rudest of them all?
  10. What are three things you could buy at a grocery store to make the cashier give you weird looks?

In spite of all those really stupid questions above, some people still say there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Originally, that phrase had a valid point, as it suggested that occasional failure is normal when hunting for knowledge. It also encouraged others to ask questions and not to be afraid to seem stupid.

That’s why teachers like to say that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. But even teachers can be driven insane by dumb people and their questions. You can enjoy the video below with an irritated teacher just like that.

Find out the dumb questions that irritated this teacher. Watch this video now.

5 Most Hilarious Stupid Yahoo Questions

Remember the time when you Yahooed something? Neither do I. Yahoo has been a pretty pointless search engine. On the bright side, it gave the world something to LOL at. So check out some funny Yahoo answers below. They aren’t even half as retarded as Yahoo search engine.

  1. This kid knew too little and hence hilarity ensued…
Stupid Yahoo Question About A Boy Period
Oh yeah, it can take a whole life until a boy is reincarnated into a woman.

2. Are you evil enough to kill an ant?

Stupid Yahoo Question About Killing An Ant
Who stepped on a dog, ah? Was it an ant? Or the ant’s ghost?

3. Even wondered how to create a high-tech mirror? This guy did.

Stupid Yahoo Question About Mirror
Maybe you should try scanning your rear part to create a mirror of your brain?

4. Even wondered why one part of your body is darker than the other? This guy did.

Stupid Yahoo Question About Black Crotch
She’s gonna think you’re an alien in disguise.

5. This person has found a new use for an egg.

Stupid Yahoo Question About Egg
Morale of the story: eggs are to be put only in the mouth; other openings are off limits.

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5 Weird Questions

  1. Would you rather continue living for 100 years or restart your life from the beginning?
  2. Would you rather know when you’re going to die or how you’re going to die?
  3. Have you ever dropped food on the floor and then picked it up and ate it?
  4. Whenever you ask someone “how he’s been doing,” do you really want to hear the truth?
  5. Have you ever lied to a priest? And did you enjoy it?

If you think these weird questions are amusing, you’ll also like these good comebacks for jerks.

5 Most Interesting Questions From Reddit No Stupid Questions Subreddit

Guys on Reddit have come up with many weird questions on that subreddit. The motto of that subreddit is “no such thing as stupid questions”. That’s why it makes sense that the majority of questions there aren’t stupid but interesting. Likewise, the questions you’ll see below aren’t stupid but interesting. Please share them to social media if you think the same.

  1. What happens to local aquatic wildlife when a body of water freezes during snow?
    Depends. In areas where the water regularly freezes every winter, the wildlife have adaptations. However, also keep in mind, that, even in the coldest of environments, the ice is never completely solid, and the ice always is just a thin solid layer on top, and all the water underneath is liquid. Sunlight can still pass through ice, so aquatic plants can get nutrients, and the fish still have plenty of food.
  2. Why would a bottle of hand sanitiser have an expiry date of 12 months after purchase when it’s 70% ethanol? What expires exactly?
    Although common hand sanitizer containers protect the alcohol from the air, they’re not airtight, so evaporation can occur. As the alcohol evaporates over time, the percentage of your hand sanitizer’s active ingredient drops, making it less effective.
  3. If someone was taught from a young age that education was fun, and otherwise fun stuff was boring, would they stick to it?
    Interests can be influenced but not dictated. You could present education in a fun way, or inspire excitement in learning. But you can’t just tell a kid that education is fun and expect them to enjoy it.
  4. Does anyone else eat penne pasta by sliding the tines of their fork through the pasta tubes rather than stabbing them or am I just weird?
    I go back and forth between both methods.
  5. Can someone be addicted to sleep? [serious]
    Why don’t you consult a doctor specifically regarding sleep disorders, they should be able to answer your questions more directly than anyone on Reddit could.

24 Funny Stupid Questions With Answers

Funny Stupid Question About A Bathroom
Because we have nothing to hide from our neighbors.

Life would be too boring without stupid people. If there were no stupid people, who would be doing all kinds of hilarious stupidities? Probably no one and definitely no one would be asking stupid questions. Luckily for people in need of entertainment, this isn’t the case. So you can see some of those questions below. Please share them if they make you giggle. Or if they don’t make you giggle, submit your own question.

10 Questions About Sweet S** And Bitter Relationships

  1. How can I convince my wife to let our hot maid sleep in between us at night? Please HELP!? Dude, when you find out, let us know.
  2. What if the girl that thinks I’m the dad isn’t the mom? This is why the s**ual education budget should not get cut.
  3. What’s the difference between girlfriend and a wife? Unfortunately a big one. About 25 pounds.
  4. Why is my neighbor’s wife hotter than mine? She would seem less hot than yours. You just have to find out that your neighbor is having s** with her.
  5. Why are chicken egg and nerd’s egg similar? Neither can get any action.
  6. What did chicken egg say to nerd’s egg? You’re an egghead.
  7. Who invented condom? The guy afraid of babies and holes.
  8. Why is my p**is itching? Either you need love and affection or you need to wash it.
  9. Why did my last boyfriend dump me? Because you kept on asking him the same stupid question.
  10. Why do people m**turbate? To develop biceps.
Big Biceps because of Masturbation: "You're Doing It Way Too Much."
Now you know how to grow your muscles in a pleasurable way.

5 Questions About Internet, Technology, And Inventions

  1. If I download some software off the Internet, would it stop working each time I turn off the Internet? Yes, it would stop working and your brain would get fried.
  2. HOW DO I TURN OFF CAPSLOCK? Who knew writing in caps could cause so much trouble?
  3. Who invented the wheel? The guy who borrowed a lot of money and wanted to keep it.
  4. Who invented lying? The first guy who farted.
  5. Who invented microwave oven? The guy afraid of gas and fire.

9 Questions Caused By Random Stupidity

  1. Why do they keep monkeys in a zoo? So they could not degenerate into even more stupid human beings.
  2. Why do babies cry? To annoy the parents they can’t stand.
  3. What do you have to do to fly to Moon? Marry the daughter of a billionaire and kill her father, so you would have money to pay for the flight, or just smoke some pot and pretend you are an alien.
  4. Is zebra a yellow horse with black stripes or a black horse with yellow stripes? It is an invisible horse with stripes yellow and black, so people would not bump into it.
  5. How can I lose weight without moving? Easy: Starve yourself.
  6. Is it okay to boil headphones? You sure can. Go ahead and let us know how that goes.
  7. How much Listerine does it take to get drunk? What happened to the days when kids paid adults to buy them liquor?
  8. Why don’t you Google it? Because I like to waste other people’s time.
  9. Why would you give someone a lottery ticket? To regret it when they win.
Funny Regret: 'Keyboard With No Escape Button'
Positive thinking doesn’t apply here…

If you’re amused by these funny stupid questions with answers, you’ll also be amused by these funny acronyms.

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