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Welcome to About Page! This site is operated by space aliens and below is our official logo!

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No, isn’t operated by space aliens. That was a practical joke to get your attention. Roman Marshanski operates He isn’t known as a space alien (whoever says otherwise is spreading conspiracy theories). You can read about Roman Marshanski at the end of this page. For now, please let me tell you about, the world’s greatest humor site.

Roman Marshanski operates as a labor of love. Some of the jokes on this site are his own, while others have been carefully curated from other sources. However, almost each page is a unique piece of entertainment carefully designed to be both creative and humorous.

In addition to numerous (almost endless) funny jokes, boasts many collections of puns. Some of them are silly. But most of them are both clever and funny. However, opinions may vary about which puns are funny and which ones aren’t. That’s why I invite you to explore all of our pages.

Types of Pages

Jokes & Puns. This is the most popular category of In the founder’s opinion, it’s also the funniest category. He loves this category of pages the most. So he contributed a lot of time to it.

Funniest Quotes Of All Time. What are these hilarious quotes? Only one way to find out.

Crazy Celebrity Facts. Celebrities have never been crazier than on our weird pages. May God bring them peace.

Satirical News. publishes satirical articles about current events. They tend to fall within 2 broad categories: 1. Regular news reported in a weirdly satirical manner; 2. Weird news reported in a weirdly satirical manner. So you can imagine how weird and satirical our news get. If you don’t, we assure you that they are even weirder than our weird selves doing something really weird.

Funny Comic Strips. boasts over 2,000 pages of hilarious comics. All of them are in public domain. So you can read both legally and for free. Moreover, they are updated on a daily basis, both from our team’s efforts and users’ submissions. Mission

The mission of is to make the world a better place through humor and creativity. As humorous writing and good-natured creativity can improve people’s mood, it can affect their energy. And so it is indeed true that laughter is the best medicine. So I believe in the importance of this mission.

About Founder of

His name is Roman Marshanski and his personal website is He’s a writer who has written more than ten thousand pages of fiction. Some of his fiction writing is screenplays. And some of his fiction writing is comedy. He’s also a former actor. He has acted in a number of motion pictures and TV shows made by Hollywood companies. Cannes Film Festival has screened one of the short films in which Roman Marshanski was the lead actor. You can see his filmography on IMDB, where you can see that Magdalene is the short film that was screened at Cannes Film Festival.

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