About Us

Content Types

We provide our users with 3 types of content:

    • Satirical News. We write satirical articles about current events. They tend to fall within 2 broad categories: 1. Regular news reported in a weirdly satirical manner; 2. Weird news reported in a weirdly satirical manner. So you can imagine how weird and satirical our news get. If you don’t, we assure you that they are even weirder than our weird selves doing something really weird.
    • Funny Pictures. We carefully select the Internet’s funniest content. It tends to fall within 3 broad categories: 1. Stupid Questions; 2. Funny pictures; 3. Jokes.
    • Comic Strips. We have over 2,000 pages of funny comic strips. All of them are in public domain. So you can read both legally and for free. Moreover, they are updated on a daily basis, both from our team’s efforts and users’ submissions.

Appropriate For All Ages

Our content is carefully screened to be appropriate for audiences of all ages. This said, it is not screened to comply with the views of negative people or anyone who looks like our relatives.



The only regular contributor is the founder of our site Roman Marshanski. This said, we do our best to help him, though we occasionally get lazy and then he is completely on his own.


About Our Founder

Roman Marshanski

He likes to joke that he is an occasionally stuttering actor. And yes indeed, he has acted in a number of motion pictures and TV shows, even though he occasionally stutters. Moreover, his stuttering does not prevent him from hitting on hot chicks. You can see his filmography on IMDB and you can follow him on Google+ and Twitter.

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