To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, Sherri Papini Did This

It’s remarkable what Sherri Papini did to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. You probably won’t even believe it because it’s so out there. But first things first. Let me introduce Sherri in case you’re not familiar with her.

The Alleged Kidnapping Of Sherri Papini

California Mother Sherri Papini

In 2016, media outlets reported the alleged kidnapping of California mom and wife Sherri Papini. Back then, she was gone for 22 days. After that, she was back with her husband Keith Papini and her children Tyler Papini and Violet Papini. Some say she was branded with “daddy issues” tattoo. Some also say that aliens from space refused to fulfill her weird daddy fantasies. If you read the latter, you’ve read too many Sherri Papini theories.

Either way, 2022 brings us an update about this woman. The law enforcement officers arrested her because she allegedly lied to them in 2016. She made up the whole kidnapping story to be with her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, she has mistaken her ex-boyfriend for her daddy; hence, the “daddy issues” tattoo. The morale is crystal clear though: put effort into becoming a better liar.

Some people never learn, even when the morale is as clear as above. Sherri Papini did try to learn though. She learnt that she should become a much better liar, like so much better that she could get elected to the White House. All political jokes aside, her attempt to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day illustrates that cordial desire to be a better liar.

She Reminds Her Former Boss About Employee Appreciation Day

For most people, Employee Appreciation Day is either forgetting it exists or letting out an annoyed grunt as a sign of appreciation. But for Sherri Papini, that holiday is very important. So she decided to do something radical to prove to herself and everyone else that she can be a wonderful liar.

Sherri Papini abducted her former boss. She wanted to show her better lying abilities and her sincere appreciation of herself. She said she couldn’t forget all of the things he did and didn’t do, like paying her on time. So she decided to give him an Employee Appreciation Day he couldn’t forget.

Everything went very well for wonderful Sherri, except for one tiny thing. She forgot to turn off her camera phone. As a result, the abduction was broadcast live for everyone to see. That’s what I call viral kindness. Someone deleted that Employee Appreciation Day video, however.

But before it was deleted, the law enforcement saw it and stopped the kidnapping. When that happened, Sherri claimed that her former boss was showing her appreciation by letting her kidnap him. Sherri Papini also claimed it was an elaborate way for her boss to pay her worker’s compensation.

Basically, her lying got much better. However, it wasn’t good enough to prevent her from getting arrested once again. But I hope it was good enough to make you share this article. So please share this article right now because that will be awesome.

Roman Marshanski
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