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Kanye West can be a jerk. But what if he can’t help it? Would you bash Kanye if he was bipolar? If so, you’re a jerk too. If so, I sincerely hope you choke on a chicken bone the size of Donald Trump’s money clip. I, like other people who suffer from bipolar disorder, would take exception to anyone knocking someone with such a serious mental problem. Oh, well, I promised to tell you 3 signs that he is bipolar, so I will let you read them without further ado.

#3 Kanye West’s Contrasting Highs And Lows

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Classic bipolar trait. Right after I became aware of my disorder, I was disgusted and ashamed. I had gone years without even considering something was wrong with me. I damn sure didn’t want to take medication (as proper meds can negatively effect many aspects of daily life, including, but not limited to, a decrease in sex drive and erectile dysfunction).

We’ve seen Kanye West at his best (when he is producing music, giving credit to members of Wutang, and whenever he mentions his appreciation and admiration for his family). And his worse (and there are too many examples of this to list here). And if that makes him an asshole, then lock me up too because I’m exactly like that without medication. Don’t lock me up, please?

Highs with bipolar disorder can be like this—a full month of feeling the best you’ve ever felt in your life. I used to get extremely euphoric and joyful from real goofy shit. Like, I would say pudding and smile for hours. And sometimes I’d just be happy for no reason at all. The-hills-are-alive-with-the-sound-of-music-type joy, surrounded on all sides by Nazi regime. Yeah, it was kinda like that.

And lows, as you can imagine, would have the same effect, only in an inverse manner. Kanye West said he had urges to kill himself. I would go so far as to say there are even more instances he’s never mentioned.

Depression is commonplace in America. It is a serious issue indeed. But bipolar depression can make regular depression feel like a day at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

#2 Kanye West’s Outrageous Spending Habits

Burning One Hundred Dollar Bills

Every rap star deals with this affliction. Hell, I’d buy at least one of the Batmobiles from either TV or film franchises if I could! But Mr. West has built his entire career around this whole “keeping up with the Joneses” thing. This caused him to spend 2 million dollars on his daughter during her first year of life. So the next time your parents tell you how much they spent on something, tell ’em they have not spent enough on yourself.

I too have suffered from the bouts of overspending. I remember spending a thousand dollars on sneakers once. I’m pretty sure it was all in the same day, although, not 100% certain because I had also spent $500 dollars on drinks for myself and some friends, also people who weren’t friends, and a decent amount of blow. In my defense, it had been my birthday. And I really wanted to get locked and loaded. Kanye is no different, only that he’s rich and has pretty people around him all the time. Yeah, there’s that.

#3 Kanye West’s Well-Documented Megalomania

Outrageous Kanye West Quote That Shows His Megalomania

This is Kanye’s most “endearing” flaw. His larger-than-life personality seems to have no bounds, no control, and no off button. It has gotten him in trouble with Taylor Swift, the law, George Bush, and the nation itself (Katrina benefit, remember?).

So you say, “Hey, come on! There must be something wrong here. He needs to take responsibility for being such a narcissistic prick…you can’t blame some disorder on being childish!” And I say to you, “Shut the f— up before I slap all of the blood out of your body. You’ll be the clearest man, woman, or child on earth.”

So, just like on the autism spectrum, bipolar disorder has a range. I’m bipolar II. I’m closer to the right of the scale, and without meds, my symptoms mimic schizophrenia. When you’re at that level, a lot of times you can experience what is called grandiosity, which is basically narcissism on steroids and crack and glue and aerosol hair spray. People will display a strong inability to understand the impact they have on others.

Megalomaniacs have feelings of superiority, a propensity toward boastfulness, a strong belief that they have special powers, and a feeling that nothing is impossible. Also, a massive desire to seek attention, at any cost. I hope this does not sound like your older brother.

At various times, Kanye has referred to himself as “Black Jesus”, the “Black Beatle”, “God”, “the new Jim Morrison” (this one is kinda humble), etc. Kanye’s daughter’s name is a point on the compass (something transfixed that, unlike people, is permanent, everlasting, perfect). Kanye has continuously proven his dislike and distrust of the media, and many times, of his own fans.

He’s attacked cameramen. He’s been booed offstage for bragging. As many complaints as there are about Kanye, one cannot escape his raw talent, and his musical view one that has spawned numerous hit singles and inspired a generation of musicians. Also, none can deny his impact on history, particularly pop-culture. Many throughout history were as weird, or weirder than Kanye, and just as boastful. Remember Muhammad Ali? Remember Andy Warhol? Remember Salvador Dali?

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