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best April Fools pranks

This is a funny April Fools’ pranks story submitted to us by Roger Gordon

He was crazy about her. He’d never met her but he was her number one fan.

My buddy Brad was infatuated with Jennifer Grey, and had been ever since the release of Dirty Dancing on August 21, 1987. Grey co-starred with Patrick Swayze in the popular movie. Brad was so smitten by the young actress, he mailed her a fan-club letter, which he allowed me, an aspiring writer, to proofread prior to sending it.

Brad gave all of his pertinent information in the letter, such as his age, height, weight, etc., and listed his interests and hobbies. He also enclosed a photo of himself, and of course, his phone number and address. Not in his wildest dreams, though, did he think he would ever get a response.

The date was April 1st, 1989, not long after Brad had mailed the letter, and I was home in Canton, Ohio, that Saturday evening when it occurred to me just what day it was – April Fools’ Day. Then it hit me … like a lightning bolt. I’m gonna write Brad a letter and sign Jennifer Grey’s name to it. He’ll think he got a response from her!

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Pressed for time for it would soon be April 2, I had to work fast. I wrote the letter, typed it, sealed it, then addressed it (I glued on it a stamped date from a used envelope from that day’s mail, attempting to make it look as authentic as possible). I drove to Brad’s house, slipped the letter in the mailbox, then rang the doorbell and walked in as usual (I only did the latter when I knew his parents weren’t home).

Brad was watching television with his identical twin brother Bret. Yearning desperately to be present upon Brad opening the envelope and reading the letter, I had to get either him or Bret to check the mailbox without sounding obvious. How can I do it?

After waiting awhile I subtly asked, “Who’s checkin’ the mail while your parents are out of town?” hoping upon hope they’d forgotten to check the mail that day. The twins gazed at one another, and just as I would’ve scripted it, Brad exclaimed, “We forgot to get the mail today!” Yes-s-s!

As Bret returned with the mail, he bellowed, staring squarely down at the envelope, to his brother in a deep, disbelieving tone – sounding as if he were in shock – “Brad, you’re not gonna believe this. … It’s a letter from Jennifer Grey.”

Brad didn’t believe it, even upon seizing the envelope.

“I don’t believe it! I don’t goddamn believe it!” he screamed with joy. He was instantaneously made a believer when he opened the envelope, and voice trembling, read aloud the following:

Dear Brad,

Thank you very much for the sweet letter you sent me. I do read every single fan letter that’s sent to me. I will admit, though, it’s just impossible to handwrite notes back to my fans. I just don’t have the time. My personal secretary types my dictation. I return every one, though.

Your letter was very special, Brad. The way you put everything makes it seem like you really appreciate my acting skills, as well as my looks (I think I’m ugly, though). You’re a sweetie and definitely a cutie (I want to see that swimmer’s build you have). I don’t get much fan mail, but of the notes I have received in my short career, yours is one of the most believable of all of them.

If I wasn’t seeing Matthew at the moment (Grey was dating actor Matthew Broderick at the time), I would honestly think about giving you a call sometime when in the area. As a matter of fact, I’ll be in Youngstown, Ohio, in December to begin the filming of Dirty Dancing II. I don’t know how close to Canton it is, but maybe I’ll give you a call anyway.

God bless you, too.

All my love,

Jennifer Grey

By this time, Brad was losing it. He was so bewildered, he could barely formulate his words. He couldn’t believe what he thought he’d just received in the mail. I was loving it, barely keeping from bursting out in laughter. It worked! … Should I tell him?

When Brad announced he was going to call his grandmother to give her the news, I muttered to Bret what I’d done.

His whisper-like response? “Yer kiddin’.”

I shook my head to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right.

“Oh-h-h-h God,” he said.

With Brad dialing away, Bret and I agreed the truth should come out before his brother gave their grandmother a heart attack by telling her he may have a date with a movie star. I was forced to interrupt Brad, his grandma already on the line. “Brad. … Brad. … BRAD!” I shouted the third time after he failed to acknowledge me the first two.

“Wait a second, grandma,” he said into the receiver. “What?” he asked me, disturbed I intruded on his moment of glory. “April Fools,” I said softly with a slight grin.

It took a good hour for Brad to recover from the shock. I really thought he was going to cry. He whimpered for a week or so but got over it.

I accomplished two things with this wonderful April Fools’ prank: I fooled Brad, but also gave him quite possibly the most glorious 10 minutes of his life.

Moral of the story: Have fun on April Fools’ Day and do as many April Fools’ pranks as possible!

Funny April Fools Day Story


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