Among Us Jokes & Puns List: 25 Best From This Game You Like

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These jokes and memes come from Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and a few other websites. Plus, there are two best related Tumblr blogs. On top of that, there’s a handpicked funny video about this online game.

Before I tell you the jokes, how about a few fun facts about Among Us? You probably know that American game studio Innersloth developed and published this social deduction game. But do you know the little-known facts?

Do you know that the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing inspired this game? And do you know that this game received little mainstream attention when it was originally released in 2018? Twitch streamers and YouTubers made this game popular in 2020. Without them, you may never have found it. Either way, the jokes and memes about this game are below.

The Best 3 Reddit Among Us Memes

1) In my opinion, the meme below is the best one of funny Among Us memes on Reddit. Anyone can understand it, yet it’s hilarious. And it’s even more hilarious if you like puns. Please share this page if you like this meme.

Maybe Impostors should cook pasta and pretend to be Italian when found out. Then the game would get some Italian flavor.

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2) The second meme is also pretty hilarious, especially if you’re into grammar jokes.

The spelling, as usually, makes the game even more fun in a non-fun way.

3) And here’s the last meme joke from Reddit – this one is about the long and arduous task you know.

Yet another unique SpongeBob way of doing things.

10 Among Us Jokes

Innersloth Among Us Poster

These jokes are both clean and funny. None of them are dirty and some of them are Among Us puns. They’re the game puns among the jokes, almost like the Impostors Among Us, only neither evil nor alien but playfully funny. Either way, all of them are awesome. So I’m sure you’ll like them.

  1. There’s an imitator of that new game that everybody’s playing these days. There’s an Impostor Among Us.
  2. If a cat or a dog plays Among Us, it will wanna be the impawstor. If you like this pun, you’ll also like this terrific and funny dog puns list.
  3. What music artist is always accused of being imposter in Among Us? Dr. Sus.
  4. Son: “Hey dad, you wanna play Among Us?” Dad: “Sure, but what are we playing?”
  5. Why do Chinese people love playing Among Us? It’s the only place they can vote.
  6. America made Among Us. What’s Europe’s equivalent? Among EU.
  7. I played Among Us with an Italian. He was the impasta. If you like this Among Us joke, you’ll also like these 23 best restaurant jokes.
  8. Wanna know something about the Among Us ghost chat? It’s usually pretty dead.

9. Here’s a popular Among Us Reddit joke. Many Redditors have upvoted it.

10. Here’s a picture joke from DeviantArt (below).

Among Us Joke About Impostor's Favorite Weapon
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Funny Among Us Online Game Video

Check out this video. Watch it now because it’s pretty good.

The Best 7 Among Us Jokes From Tumblr Memes

  1. This is that relatable meme about being a baby because who hasn’t been a baby?

2. This is that game meme about the meeting with the alien impostor.

3. What if you were playing Among Us in the bar or in the restaurant?

4. What if you played the bad guy?

5. Here’s that epic moment when you’re the cool bad guy – well, almost cool; more like “cool” in the cold.

6. Here’s that Among Us meme joke about that dubious victory.

7. What if you brought pizza when you should’ve brought something else?

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The Best 2 Related Tumblr Blogs

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  1. Lights From Outer Space. It’s a pretty good art blog with unique drawings.
  2. Charles Oberonn. You may want to follow this blog if you like unusual stories and animation.

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The Best 5 Among Us Jokes From Twitter

  1. This is that popular comment about that popular tweet about the popularity. Does it make the comment triple popular Olympic champion?

2. This is that tweet about one of those who pretends too much.

3. This tweet is one of those religious jokes which isn’t religious at all.

4. Have you been at work pretending to do tasks instead of doing them? This tweet is like that but in Among Us.

5. This is a tweet about that classic gaming moment from Among Us.

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