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La Croix Jokes

La Croix Can

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  1. How did La Croix sparkling water became popular? Popularity went the wrong way and got hit by a car.
  2. Why did the dwarf drink La Croix water? He wanted to kill himself with artificial ingredients.
  3. How’s La Croix water like the used condom? It’s not until you tried both.
  4. Who invented all of those La Croix flavors? The sadistic chemist on a rampage.
  5. Have you tried the latest La Croix flavor? It’s called a naturally flavored chemical apocalypse in your mouth.
  6. Have you ever gotten drunk from La Croix water? If you didn’t, you didn’t drink enough.
  7. What’s the best way to increase your thirst? La Croix sparkling water designed to make you thirsty as the devil himself.
  8. How’s La Croix water like an average doctor? Neither does what the one is supposed to do.
  9. Have you heard about the guy who fell into the ocean of La Croix sparkling water? He died from naturally flavored chemical reactions.
  10. Is La Croix bad for your teeth? Not if you want them to fall out.

Even More Jokes About This Sparkling Water

  1. Can La Croix kill you? Not today, maybe tomorrow. You’ll have to wait. Their water can’t do even that right.
  2. Why is La Croix so bad? Not bad at all if you’re a fan of slow suicide.
  3. What’s wrong with La Croix sparkling water? What’s wrong with slow suicide? Some say nothing all.
  4. Is sparkling water bad for kidneys? Kidneys tried to talk but the deceptive advertising has silenced them.
  5. Is La Croix unhealthy? As healthy as deceptive marketing gets.
  6. What kind of beverage is La Croix? It’s the kind of beverage they give in hell to the people who don’t know yet they’re in hell.
  7. What does La Croix taste like? Like something you wouldn’t wanna know until you’re dead.
  8. What are La Croix ingredients? Every ingredient you can find in lacrosse made wet. That’s why it’s called La Croix.

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5 Best La Croix Memes

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1. Here’s a meme about lonely Gatorade bottle and La Croix sparkling water that couldn’t leave it alone.

La Croix Meme About Gatorade Bottle

2. Here’s a meme that compares La Croix to a faint yell.

La Croix Meme About Faintly Hearing A Yell

3. Wanna imagine something weird that’s like La Croix?

La Croix Meme About Low Battery

4. Here’s yet another La Croix meme about its taste.

La Croix Meme About Fruit's Ghost

5. Here’s a meme about the delivery truck and La Croix.

La Croix Meme About Its Taste

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Funny Tweet About La Croix By Daniel Tran
Funny Tweet About La Croix By MehGyver
Funny Tweet About La Croix By Bridger Winegar
Funny Tweet About La Croix By Brandon Sutton
Funny Tweet About La Croix By Jomny Sun

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