Non-Combat Troops Who Will Just Stare In The Distance


Obama sent a new type of troops to Iraq. They won’t do anything. They will just stare in the distance. They have been called ‘Obama’s Philosophers’.

This gesture is largely philosophical. Obama is not expecting these troops to have any impact on the situation in Iraq. Rather, he wants all the world to see what a lame duck he has become. Then – he hopes – some terrorists or other evil-doers may come to his rescue and murder the Republicans blocking his laws from materializing.

Moreover, Barack Obama is also trying to waste all the money left in the budget. This is how he hopes to prevent Republicans from ruling the country. Since Republicans are now controlling both chambers of Congress, they can easily render Obama’s laws non-enforceable. Therefore, Obama is trying to find a way to shift the balance of power in favor of nobody (= himself).

Chinese have already expressed enthusiasm at the fact that United States are going to be paralyzed by this waste. And waste it’s gonna be. Each of ‘Obama’s Philosophers’ will be getting paid ten thousand dollars an hour, all for the simple act of staring far in the distance.

Fox News have been very enthusiastic about this development. They reported it under the title ‘Obama’s Philosophers Gain Congressional Approval’. Indeed, the political pundits have speculated that this wasteful measure is going to be the only thing Republican Congress will ever approve.

Republicans have also been very enthusiastic about this. Though Obama intended it as a way to waste money and therefore cut Republicans’ control of Congress, ‘Obama’s Philosopher’s’ consist mostly of relatives of rich Republicans. So for a Republican party that’s a way to pay off their rich donors. What a wonderful country we are living in!


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