Americans Trust ISIS More Than Obama


In a strange twist of public opinion, Obama, the president of the United States, has become less popular than ISIS.

Though ISIS carries out terrorist acts and systematically beheads foreign journalists, Barack Obama still cannot compete with ISIS in popularity. Apparently, the Nobel Peace Prize has not helped him, neither has helped the fact that he is the first African American to hold that post.

Americans say that even though ISIS is violent and vicious, Obama is much worse. According to them, Obama is much worse because unlike ISIS he does not keep his promises.

ISIS promises to murder people, then it does just that. Obama promises to help the poor, then helps the big banks. That’s why the vast majority of Americans find ISIS to be far more trustworthy than Barack Obama.

This study was conducted by Reuters. It has found that 67% of Americans find ISIS more trustworthy than Barack Obama. This study has also found that 74% of Americans trust ISIS more than members of United States Congress.

Fox News have reported this story under the title “Barack Obama Still Cannot Get A Grove On”.

Apparently, that’s one of the few times when Fox News have actually said something containing truth. Maybe that’s why Rupert Murdoch has subsequently changed the title to more patriotic one: “Republicans Heroically Try To Impeach Barack Obama On Grounds That Shall Remain Unknown”.

This is not clear how that title has anything to do with ISIS. But apparently Murdoch finds that irrelevant. So let’s hope he still has a vestige of brains left, so that the people watching Fox News may save themselves from destruction not by ISIS but by Fox News totally dumb commentators.

Seriously speaking, Obama is not even popular with women anymore. Well, for us it is a surprise he ever was.


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