Bomb ISIS with junk food and video games


Bomb ISIS with junk food and video games. They would lose their will to fight.

This strategy has worked before. The increasing obesity among US population is the proof of that.

You may think it’s a joke. To some degree it is, but it is also the ultimate truth that can save the world.

When bombs are replaced with food and video games, one of two things may happen. One, people may get addicted to video games and forget about the war. Second, if you send them high-quality Swiss chocolate, they may forgive the United States’ government and declare themselves peaceful hippies. You may send them some weed to help them become hippies.

But don’t send them violent video games. Send them community-building games like Farmville.

“Seriously, what if ISIS gets the food? Would not it help spread the violence?” You may ask. ISIS already has all the resources they need. ISIS finding two cookies and a bottle of coke can hardly make them more warlike. Instead they may actually start thinking that there are nice people in the world.

To think that a hardened fighter who murders innocent women and children on a regular basis would suddenly believe in general goodness may sound absurd. But you still gotta think that. There is no other option. The only other option is to do what Obama is doing: bomb, or in other words, stoop to their level.

Violence can never be eradicated with violence. Even if it is, sooner or later, the cause that instigated it springs up again, and again. The only solution is what Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Leo Tolstoi have preached.

If you are a cynical person – and even if you are not – you may find this non-violence approach pretty pointless. But let me show you the results of the approach that is the exact opposite.

Iraq and Afghanistan are two examples of the opposite approach. I don’t think I have to enlighten you on details. You know them yourself.

“How about the threat that ISIS poses US citizens?” You may ask. Well, if you did ask that question, I suggest you watch less TV and other mainstream media. In terms of US security, ISIS is nothing when compared to such important issues as gun control and income inequality. These two issues can really bring about the ultimate downfall.

If you are still skeptical and think that US should go bomb the heck out of every country that harbors ISIS, consider two facts. One, some ISIS fighters come from US. Two, guns are more often used for suicide rather than homicide.

Finally, if bombs are changed to food and video games, there would reports of ISIS fighters getting obese and dropping their weapons. Just add some corn syrup foods that American multinational corporations are making.

For the first time ever, junk food can help United States’ foreign policy.

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