Barack Obama Is Now More Offensive Than N-Word


Remember times when the ‘n-word’ could get you in trouble in a black neighborhood? Well, now there is an even more offensive term. That incredibly offensive term is Barack Obama.

Just recently – two days ago – a black teenager has beaten to death a Hispanic man who called him “Barack Obama”. That Hispanic man meant it as a compliment, but the black teenager took as a racial slur. That black teenager has no history of violence. He is also likely to escape jail.

Psychiatrists have concluded that this black teenager had no other choice, because the words “Barack Obama” have become an insult to all African Americans. They have become so insulting that even peaceful people immediately lose control. Even whites take offense when the words “Barack Obama” are uttered.

Barack Obama is even no longer welcome in the United States. Secret Service Agents don’t want to protect him and his children want to be adopted. That’s why Vladimir Putin has offered him an asylum.

Barack Obama has not immediately responded to an offer of asylum. It is reported that he is hiding somewhere in Uruguay, the only country where nobody cares about him, because he has not yet managed to screw anything up in that country.


REVEALED: Barack Obama is a white supremacist who has undergone a skin color operation to discredit African Americans.

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