This Is How Saudis Protect ISIS From Getting Bombed


You may heard of Obama bombing ISIS. You may even heard of Saudi Arabia bombing ISIS. What you haven’t heard of, is the secret arrangement between Saudis and ISIS.

Saudis are going to notify ISIS whenever it plans to bomb them. This way, ISIS can be immune to airstrikes. This makes sense because ISIS is actually a brainchild of both CIA and Saudi Arabia.

Economists say this is good for US economy. To understand this, consider the military industry in its entirety. Consider the number of jobs it generates:

Approximately 8.3 jobs are created by every $1 million in military spending.

“Only 8.3 jobs for $1 million?” You may be asking. Well yeah! It’s that bad. Apparently, that’s one reason Obama is happy about it. He likes anything that doesn’t work out.

Indeed, Obama is very happy about this development. This statement shows that:

We, in the White House, are happy someone is finally supporting ISIS. We thought we have isolated them, so they could be easily defeated. But now that Saudi Arabia helps them avoid our airstrikes, I’m certain we would never defeat ISIS. This would help create more jobs for people in the military-industrial complex. Is not it great? I may be a lousy president of the United States, but at least I’m creating more jobs. Say thanks to dumb people who voted me into office.

Republicans have issued similar statements expressing their support for Saudi Arabia. They said they don’t mind supporting the people who support terrorists, as long as those people bribe them with sufficient amount of cash.

Democrats have expressed some dissatisfaction. Nevetheless, liberal media have largely ignored this development, citing Obama’s other achievements. These included failed attempt to reform healthcare system, failed attempt to curb the power of banks, and overall mediocrity. Apparently, Obama’s failures count as momentous achievements. After all, he got a Nobel Peace Prize for them.

Fox News were very enthusiastic about this development. They have congratulated their owners Saudis on gaining a greater control over this country. Rupert Murdoch is said to have been especially happy about this development. He said that since Saudis own Fox News and they are gaining greater control, Fox News’ stock should rise. We’ll see about that.

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