10 Dumbest Policies US Government Will Enforce Against ISIS


You may have heard of a brutal Islamist group ISIS. What you haven’t heard of, is the new strategy of US government. It is so dumb even the main character of a movie Dumb and Dumber would seem smart by comparison.

This US strategy aims to keep young Muslims out of the reach of ISIS propaganda, both at home and in foreign countries. But since it has been devised by Obama and his retarded cabinet, it would do just the opposite.

This US strategy would supposedly keep young Muslim Americans out of the reach of ISIS propaganda at home in USA by:

1. Needlessly arresting them on the street whenever they are wearing their Muslim clothes.

2. Giving the cops authority to stop and beat any people they think are Muslim.

3. Telling young American Muslims they should convert to Christianity.

4. Giving more bailout money to big banks and nothing to regular people, so that it would be even harder for young people to find jobs.

5. Enacting a law that would make it very difficut for a young Muslism to get a job.

This US strategy would supposedly keep young Muslims in foreign countries out of the reach of ISIS propaganda by:

1. Infiltrating Muslim organizations with CIA agents.

2. Distributing drugs through those CIA agents.

3. Enlisting those young Muslims to sell drugs on CIA’s behalf. This way, CIA would get even more money for its illegal, clandestine operations.

4. Bombing their countries and killing their parents, brothers, and sisters. Then calling these dead innocent people “collateral damage”.

5. Installing corrupt governments that care only about their own enrichment and not the people.

So if you read these policies to keep young Muslims out of the reach of ISIS propaganda, you understand that they are unlikely to work. US government officials know it too. That’s why they said:

“We know that our policies to stem ISIS propaganda won’t work. But we are supposed to do something. That’s the best we can, so be patriotic and support our dumb policies, or we’ll call you a terrorist and jail you for the rest of your life.”

Maybe that’s why “President Obama told reporters that the effort to dismantle the terror group ISIS ‘is going to be a long-term campaign.‘” What he does not realize is that when something does not work, it won’t work in the long-term. Apparently Obama does not know the basic laws of physics, or any laws at all. That’s why he was a law professor.

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Roman Marshanski
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