Why Women Are Better Navigators Than Men


Men often say that women cannot read maps. According to a recent study, this is false. Neither men nor women can read maps, and can locate themselves only with the help of GPS device. Technology has made people even dumber than they were. Just kidding, this study has found something else.

In a study conducted by researchers from Mexico, women lost less often than men. Moreover, women not only found routes better than men, they also reached their destinations much faster than men.

The day when this study was published has been labeled as the bad day for all the world’s misogynists. This group of people have complained that they are not allowed to talk trash about women without getting slapped with embarrassing scientific evidence. They added, however, that they are dumb enough to keep their misogynistic views regardless of whether any evidence, scientific or not. They also complained about the methods used in this study.

Researchers from the University of Mexico equipped a group of men and women with devices for monitoring heart activity and GPS-navigators. Then they sent them to the forest to pick up mushrooms. Apparently, the researchers wanted to get high on hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Both men and women returned from the forest with the same amount of mushrooms. But men spend 70% more energy than women and were far more tired. That’s because men often had to consult the map and so spent more time finding the way. Women, on the other hand, showed a completely different approach: they proceeded slowly, carefully remembered the way, and rarely used the map.

So if you are going to the woods, bring a woman with yourself. If you don’t get laid, you would at least find a way out. Or if you don’t find your way out, that means you’ve been either kidnapped and murdered by a woman-maniac, or your sexual advances toward her did not go that well. Either way, let us know your opinion in comments below.


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Roman Marshanski
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