This New US Measure Will Give Israel More Money Than Ever


You may know the extent to which US government supports Israel. What you don’t know, is the secret measure that will Israel 10% of taxpayers’ money. It is expected to go into Senate for debate next week.

That measure is expected to meet with little resistance. But that’s not because most of US Senators are Jewish.

If that measure passes, US taxpayers would be funding not only the US military and the CIA, but also Israel’s military campaigns against the people of Palestine. Say thanks to Obama and his pacifist cabinet.

That’s right. Israel will get 10% of all taxpayers’ money collected by US government. Obama explained this measure with the following statement:

“We think Palestinians should have a stronger voice in the United Nations. So we’re giving Israel even more money. This way it would be even easier for Israel to make sure Palestinians’ demands are ignored. That’s how we help Palestinians get a stronger voice in the United Nations.”

Asked if there is a contradiction in his words, Obama replied:

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been lying since the day I was born. So chances are, you haven’t caught me. That’s why I’m the president.”

10% of taxpayers’ money are expected to help Israel buy even more sophisticated weapons, from US-based manufacturers. As a matter of fact, that’s the only condition attached to 10% Israel will receive: at least 70% of this money must be spent on US-made weapons and military equipment. Other 30% are to be given to Israel with no strings attached.

Obama has confided to his friends that he looks forward to getting a juicy cut of Israel’s aid. Since 30% of money are going to be transferred to Israel with no strings attached, Obama expects to receive ownership of a huge chunk of land Israel is about to illegally take way from Palestinians.

Since Michelle Obama has nothing to do with Barack Obama, she would be the one to receive all that land. That way Obama would be totally innocent. Indeed, we believe Obama is a nice guy and his wife is to blame. Everyone who thinks otherwise is a racist.

All the people who think that military-industrial complex has something to do with this development, are wrong. Giving money to Israel is good for Israel, so who cares what happens to United States? Israel is after all a sacred country, and United States is not. So if you don’t support Israel, you would go to hell. Military-industrial complex has nothing to do with it.

Therefore, we refuse to see the link between the power of military-industrial complex and the enormous amount of money Israel will receive for weapons. We refuse to see it neither because we are Jewish nor because we have friends and family in the military-industrial complex.

Fox News have reported this development under the title “Israel Did Not Get Enough Money To Defend Itself“. This has prompted Obama to congratulate Fox News’ commentators on taking the right stand.

Long live Obama, the destroyer of United States.


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