If Each of The Simpsons’ Characters Became The President


Did you watch too many Simpsons’ episodes? If you answered ‘that’s impossible to do’, continue reading this article. Otherwise, go get addicted to Simpsons. They are one thing worth being addicted to, besides belief in yourself, persistence, discipline, and courage.

If Homer Simpson became the President, nothing would change. Things would stay the same.

If Homer’s wife became the President, things would improve. So it is reasonable to assume things would improve if Homer Simpson became the president. No, this is no BS: this is totally true and you will find it true if you continue reading.

In the first paragraph I said “things would stay the same” if Homer Simpson became the President. In the second paragraph I said “things would improve” if he became the President. It makes sense, however. It makes sense, because if Homer Simpson became the President his wife would be de-facto president. Homer, on the other hand, would lie on the couch, drink beer, and watch TV.

So if Homer Simpson became the President, that would change his life in 1 way only: his couch would be relocated to the White House.

That’s my personal opinion though, whereas Homer Simpson has himself explained what would be different in his life. He said he would do these 2 things:

“1. Appoint a secretary of donuts.

2. Be the secretary of donuts.”

These are from Homer’s Top 10 Reasons For Him To Become President

I especially like number eight: “Fox News is already on my side”. I totally agree with it. As a matter of fact, I agree with it so much that I haven written an article “Funny News: Fox News Sucks Again“.

But if some other Simpsons’ character became the President, that would change that character’s life in a radical way.

I leave Mister Burns alone, because we all have seen movies where evil billionaires take over the country. As a matter of fact, we all are living in that movie. So let’s consider someone more interesting, Maggie Simpson for example.

If Maggie Simpson took over the White House, that would be the best thing to happen to this country since the Declaration of Independence.

Maggie, as you probably remember, is a baby who can’t even talk. Imagine her in the White House, sitting in the place of Obama. I think that would be nice for a change. No more drones. No more wars. Nothing violent. Just a baby peacefully sucking at its sucky thing. That would improve United States’ image.

But be totally serious for a second. Think about a country that has a one-year-old baby for its president. Most of the people in the world would think that the citizens of that country must be nuts, so they won’t mess with it, so the United States will no longer need its military.

If Bart Simpson, on the other hand, became the President, things would stay just as they are. He would be busy pulling pranks and causing mayhem. We already have a bunch of Republican Congressmen who do nothing but that.

“How about other Simpsons’ characters? What would happen if they took control over the White House?” You may ask. Well, the creators of Simpsons’ show have already answered that question, at least partially. They made a show where Lisa Simpson becomes the President.

The episode where this happens is really good. As a matter of fact, it is so good I have written an article about it. It is called “How Simpsons Predicted The Future”. Check it out. Find out how Simpsons predicted the future.

Roman Marshanski
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