How Simpsons Predicted The Future


What if I told you that your favorite TV series have predicted future better than anyone else? You would probably think I am mad. Well, luckily for me, I am not.

Bart To The Future manages to create a factually correct, three-dimensional picture of current day, even though it was created in 1999. Its debt drama is the one we are facing today; and its truly hilarious, at least in this episode.

Bart, as usual, considers himself better than Lisa, even when she gets elected as the President of the United States. He calls her “the President of the United States of Dorksylvania”. But the hilarity does not stop there. It expands beyond the Bart/Lisa relationship and covers almost all the societal changes that happened in the past decade.

This episode has foreshadowed the destructive effect pop culture had on the American lexicon. In the future – as shown in this episode – people no longer say “hi” or “by”. They say “smell you later”. Something of this kind awaits us in the near future. I am confident that a successful Old Spice commercial may have this effect.

Seriously speaking, what if the pop culture gets even worse and its influence on America’s society gets even more powerful? I guess we would not want to speak seriously then. Instead, we would replace Simpsons’ “smell you later” with “gas you later.”

This episode is remarkable not only for its accurate predictions. It is also remarkable for the way it deals with America’s problems. While Lisa Simpson – the brain of the family – has trouble dealing with them, Bart Simpson – you know who of the family – has no trouble dealing with them.

It underscores that no rational human being – no matter how smart – can deal with them. It would take someone as ridiculous as Bart to do something about them, which is exactly what he did. When everything seems to have been lost, he came to the Oval Office and rescued Lisa from the wrath of foreign dignitaries. He just told them to be cool. I guess that is the best option American politicians have.

So let’s enlighten them and send them a copy of this episode. Perhaps all the problems that the nation is facing would suddenly go away. Or maybe they would get angry and sue Simpsons for being smarter than they are. Either way, we would have a good time.

Roman Marshanski
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