To Watch Blacklist, Someone Tried To Hack This Website


You may have heard of a famous TV show The Blacklist. It is so famous Netflix paid 2 million dollars for each episode, a record amount paid by Netflix for TV show. What you haven’t heard of is, the latest news story about Internet hacker who tried to hack into NBC website, apparently just to watch this show. I don’t blame him though. It’s an exciting one.

The two are directly related because the hacker hacked the website of NBC to watch an episode of The Blacklist. Apparently, he was tired by an enormous amount of Hulu ads. But there was another reason he hacked the website.

That another reason he hacked the website is that he was really fascinated by the show. So he wanted to know what happens in the next episode before everyone else. Curiosity can be your enemy.

Luckily, the NBC Corporation has not yet put next episode of The Blacklist on its website, so he could not watch it before everyone else. Otherwise, he would have robbed NBC out of one episode, just like Reddington did, with a smile:
The Blacklists Raymond Reddington Robbery

His attempt to hack NBC website was not successful. He was detained by FBI, who apparently thought he was a real-life version of the criminals depicted in that show. That was partly true.

Like a character in one of the episodes, he was a high school student who got access to dangerous software capable of breaching computer networks. Luckily for him, it was not the software that destroys whole cities by taking over their computer systems. Otherwise, he would have gotten behind the bars for a long time. The software he used was just run-of-the-mill malware he downloaded from the Internet’s dark corners.

Do you think he should go to jail? Or should the government let him off the hook and make him serve a community service sentence? Leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you.


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