A Bag Of Money Falls Off The Roof. Blame Bad Memory.

Spoof of Fight Club: 1st Rule of Alzheimer's Club

Have you ever forgotten a bag of money on the roof of your car? You may point out you don’t have so much money. Well then, have you ever forgotten your wallet on the roof?

If you answered “no”, you may have a pretty good memory. Otherwise, don’t worry. You’re not the only one who forgot a lot of money on the roof of the car. People do it all the time.

Seriously speaking, there was an incident in which just this happened: a man forgot a bag of money on the roof of the truck. But don’t worry about him. The money was not his. That probably is the reason he forgot it.

The money he put on the roof of the truck belonged to casino. He apparently decided to pay back the casino and gamble with its money. That must mean he has not seen Scorsese’s Casino. Otherwise, he would have been scared to death to do that.

The Press of Atlantic City has reported that:

Earlier this month, more than $20,000 was lost when an armored car company picked up money from the Atlantic City casino — and left one of the bags on the roof. Now, an investigation is underway to find out what happened to the money.

They can close their investigation. I know what happened to their money. A friend of mine has spent it gambling in their rival’s casino. Now, when I see him, we usually have the following conversation:


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Roman Marshanski
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