This Star Wars Character Robbed The Bank


Have you ever tried to rob a bank? Well, probably not. But how about dressing as Darth Vader?

Well, someone has decided to combine the two: dress as Darth Vader, then rob a bank. Pretty good idea, if you are a fan of Star Wars who wants to share his passion for Star Wars with the bank.

So thanks to this bank robber the bank employees have experienced The Force in the form of a gun.

Seriously speaking, he was on a bike. Apparently, he was not only a fan of Star Wars, but also a green energy enthusiast. He must have been even a member of Greenpeace as well. Sounds like one of the most ethical bank robbers ever. So I would not be surprised if he turns out to be the son of Mother Theresa.

Don’t believe this happened? We don’t believe it either. This has been reported by though, so this is likely to be true. Here is what has reported:

An FBI report states the man entered a Huntington Branch in Toledo wielding a gun and wearing a Darth Vader mask. The rest of his attire was all black, much like Vader’s. But he didn’t have on a cape or anything. His cape was his hooded sweatshirt.

The suspect got an undisclosed amount of cash that he was said to have stashed in a black backpack he was carrying. Those in the bank knew things were over once the suspect left the bank and headed outside to make his getaway.

His getaway that didn’t include a car or anything, but a BMX bike.

Here are our favorite 2 comments from this article:

1. I guess the economy hits the Sith hard too.
2. Why did he need a gun? Couldn’t he have used the force to choke the teller? Or just levitated the money out of the drawers?

We totally agree with the second comment. He should have used The Force, not the gun. Then the robbery would have been carried out in total Star Wars style, and the bank robber could have called himself Darth Vader The Banker Robber. Now he’s just a bank robber who may get his ass kicked by real Darth Vader.

Darth Vader is more powerful than cops, so the bank robber got to pray Darth Vader does not find out, or he would have to dress up as Batman:


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