Disability Has Not Stopped This Guy From Robbing A Store


This incident has once again shown hat disability – such as being bound in a wheelchair – is no hindrance to living a life, even a criminal one.

Don’t get inspired to live a criminal life. But do think about the possibilities of living in a healthy body. If being bound to a wheelchair has not stopped this guy from robbing a store, then you probably can rob someone too.

In the American city called ‘the Golden Gate’, a wheelchair-bound man tried to rob a store by asking for help from the passersby. A wheelchair-bound man asked the passerby to lead him to the door, while he was holding the stolen TV on his lap.

According to police report, 30-year-old Robert Domingo Rodriguez (Robert Domingo Rodriguez) was arrested on September 30, 2014 for attempting to take out of the store 48 items, including a TV. These items had a total cost of $ 1,400.

According to cops, Rodriguez tried to hide some of the stolen goodies in his pants, and then asked a passerby to take off the shelf a flat screen TV and put it on his lap. After that, he went to another part of the store, hid these items, and asked another passerby to lead him to the exit. Guards noticed this and arrested Rodriguez at the exit.

When the cops arrived, Rodriguez told them that he did not steal anything, and that his friend would have paid for these items. When the police asked him what friend was going to pay for those items, Rodriguez replied:

“I will not tell you, think for yourself.”

Not only the man is in a wheelchair and robbing a store, he’s also a philosopher telling people to think for themselves. Maybe he can teach the kids some philosophy, or at least show them how to be proactive.

Roman Marshanski
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