President Nixon is Said to Be the Victim of CIA, Because…


If you are into conspiracy theories, you would find this article fascinating. If not, you would still find it interesting.

Regardless, if you are history buff, you would definitely like it. Or if you don’t like it, I apologize and ask that you pay me for not liking it.

Imagine Jack Nicholson playing a crazy version of President Nixon. I know. I know. Anthony Hopkins played him in Oliver Stone’s epic film. Nevertheless, try imagining Jack Nicholson in that role.


Sure, Jack. Only this time it ain’t Scientology. It’s conspiracy!

Imagined? So what would he say? Would he say he is a nice guy capable of only good deeds? He would probably blame somebody else than himself for his own downfall, wouldn’t he?

If you answered “Yes, he would indeed blame somebody else” (like all crazy people usually do), then you would be onto something. But this “something” is not necessarily the truth.

Turns out there are people who blame CIA for Nixon’s downfall. They say CIA has orchestrated Nixon’s downfall by infiltrating his administration with spies. These spies bungled the Watergate break-in. Doesn’t it sound a bit elaborate?

“Yes, indeed, it does sound a bit too elaborate” – You may agree. But I did not tell you one important fact. Nixon pulled the troops from Vietnam. CIA wanted them to stay there.

It seems to be a plausible explanation for CIA’s alleged involvement in Watergate scandal. This said, the source of this theory seems a bit biased.

The source of this story is a fofmer aide of Nixon. His name is Roger Stone. He wrote a book called “Nixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon”. It came out just recently.

I don’t necessarily believe his story. However, it does seem credible. It seems especially credible when you think of Kennedy assassination. There is a link between the two by the way.

Roger Stone claimed CIA tried to assassinate Nixon. Then infiltrated his government with spies. They were apparently showing how honorable CIA is. They did not have to though. After Kennedy assassination everyone already knew how incredibly honorable they are.

The fallout from this story was that Republican Congressmen tried to launch an investigation. Democrats blocked it. One of the few times Democrats played the villain.

Or you may argue, “the whole claim is bogus and there are no villains.” Indeed, that would be a good world: the one in which you can find villains only in James Bond movies and crappy TV shows that are hard to watch.

Hardly anyone is feeling sorry for Richard Nixon. He behaved like a criminal and got what he deserved. So why bother about CIA?

Even though they apparently have more power than the President of the United States, they are much better than ISIS. Unlike ISIS (the world’s richest terrorist group), CIA carries out murder only occasionally. And even then, they are usually limited to high-ranking government officials who screwed half of world’s population. So let’s be grateful the United States of America is in the hands of such merciful men as CIA. They sure know how to rule a country with grace.

Roman Marshanski
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