This Woman Got A Letter Telling Her SHE IS DEAD


This woman must have had the same experience, only her acting must have been a little stellar than that of Bruce Willis…

What would you think if you got a letter telling you ‘you are dead’? Would you think you are in a bad remake of Sixth Sense? Would you think you are in a Sixth-Sense-themed reality TV?

Those questions are just rhetoric. We know what you would probably think: someone is pulling a prank on me. But you would be wrong. This woman certainly didn’t think anyone was pulling a prank on her. Yet she was surpised.

She got a letter telling her she is dead from her pension provider. It turned out to be a simple, mechanical error, nothing more. But she said she was still terrified. Considering that she is “80 years old”, this is quite understanble.

You probably think we made up this story, like we sometimes do. Well, this time it really happened. This story was first reported by Lincolnshire Echo, the writer of which wrote the following about this story:

A Lincolnshire woman in her eighties was told she had passed away in a letter from her pension provider.

The blunder included a short message of condolence from an employee of Standard Life but Spalding resident Mrs Fulton, although frail, remains very much alive.

The letter was sent to the 80-year-old’s home last month and addressed to the executors of Mrs B Fulton.

The pensioner was described as being “extremely upset”, but Standard Life have since apologised for the mistake, blaming it on human error.

What about yourself? Do you know anyone who got a letter similar to that one?

Well, probably not, but how about a letter telling them something weird: like, for example, that their dead mother-in-law has risen and is about to come visit them, just for kicks?

If you think these questions are stupid, then you would be surprised to know that accidents like this happen quite happen. While browsing the Net, we found this interesting comment in response to this story:

Something very like that happened to my father. He was bureaucratically dead for three or four months. I suggested a lucrative crime spree on the grounds that you can’t prosecute a corpse, but instead the late Mr. Dibbley Senior spent the time on the phone to various low-paid employees that his pension should be reinstated on the grounds that despite what their records said, he was in face quite alive.Did I mention this took months? And that it once it was sorted they killed him in their files again and spent three more months trying to fix it properly?


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