Drones May Start Flying Above Disneyland


Source: Mad Magazine. We are not sure how ‘mad’ guys at Mad Magazine are.

Imagine you saw black drones flying above Disneyland. Would you think Homeland Security have blacklisted Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?

If so, would you go hiding into the last refuge of American capitalism called Mcdonald’s? Or would you fall on your knees and pray for God to call Homeland Security?

Whatever you answered to those questions, I am sure they don’t take into consideration the fact that those drones flying above Disneyland are actually peaceful planes. Yes, indeed, very soon Disneyland may start employing these peaceful drones.

According to Orlando Sentinel, Disney has filed a patent application involving drones. According to this patent application, Disney may use drones for one of the following 3 purposes:

1. “To hold aloft a projection screen for a nighttime display. Such a display would utilize what Disney calls ‘flixels,’ which is an Imagineer word creation for ‘floating pixels’.”

2. “To move and to position the flexible projection screens within the display air space… these multiple flexible projection screens, Disney says, would have little wind resistance and offer a surface for reflecting light.”

Both of these could be used either for lighting or displaying purposes. Moreover, as the editor of Orlando Sentinel notes,

“Both would be lightweight and flexible enough to move easily and be controlled from the ground…. [and] could be seen as creating a high-tech digital fireworks show overhead that would be safer and more controlled – and which would cost less than the nightly pyrotechnics that go off at the parks now, as well.”

3. Drones “would control the movements of the characters’ limbs.” Super-large puppets would be attached to these drones, so that the movements of these drones would cause the puppets to move. Imagine a huge Mickey Mouse attached to a few drones, waving to you from above. Imagined?

We think this sounds creepy. Mickey Mickey the size of a stadium, attached to a few black planes, flying in the sky, waving its hand. Sounds like Disney is trying to take over the world by turning its characters into huge monsters.

Some will say Disney got its pulse on innovation. But when drones are about to be used for deliveries, like Amazon is about to do, you start wondering whether these huge, multinational corporations are planning to take over the world, or at least automate all the jobs to drones and robots.

The second possibility – automation of all jobs – seems more plausible. But if all jobs are automated, where will people find money to buy products from Amazon?

On the other hand, wider adoption of drones – like, for example, that for deliveries – may help speed up certain processes. Amazon, for example, says that they will be able to “get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Regardless of any skepticism anyone may have, their drones look awesome both on video and in photos:


I am cute. I am drone. I will take over the world. There is nothing you can do about it. Ha-ha!

Here are 2 of our favorite comments about drones – the 1st one is about Amazon’s drones, the 2nd one is about Disney’s drones:

1) “Hello. Amazon? It’s left my parcel on the roof again” (Source: BBC.com)

2) “Kids these days have it too easy, what with the drones, and all. Back in my day, if we wanted contraband, we had to shove it up our keister.” (Source: Fark.com)

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Roman Marshanski
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