2 Girls Fight Each Other On The Plane, End Up In This Place

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You may have seen ‘Snakes on a Plane’. It’s an action movie starring Samuel L. Jackson.

This movie shows Samuel fighting snakes on the board of a plane. He has apparently killed all the terrorists in a previous movie, so now he has nothing better to do than to fight innocent, bloodthirsty snakes. Actual plot is even more ridiculous. But now Hollywood can create something better.

Now Hollywood can make a 21st century remake without copying the old story-line. It can replace snakes with 2 drunk, sexy girls. For example, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston after Brad Pitt has dumped both of them. Or if you want to make it a teen comedy, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart fighting each other to be a prom queen.

Offense intended neither for Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, or women in general. I mean only those two particular women who started fighting each other after getting drunk. This said, I am sure even these two women are nice people when they are neither drunk nor on the board of a plane.

To cut long story short, two women started partying in the plane’s bathroom. To make the party more interesting, they opened a bottle of duty-free alcohol. They were apparently seduced by the fact that it was “duty-free”. Indeed, how can you resist something so seducing as duty-free alcohol? No alcoholic can.

Their party did not end with alcohol though. They continued it by smoking. They apparently watched too many old movies where characters smoke. Blame Hollywood.

Their smoking triggered a fire alarm. They could not handle it. They started blaming each other. Ended up trying to kick each other in the face.

As the catfight raged on, the flight attendant knocked. They opened the door. Made a threat against her.

They were subdued. But not before “forcing a… flight bound for Cuba to return to Toronto under a military escort.” In other words, two fighter jets accompanied them back to the airport. Apparently, they wanted some serious male attention.

Back in Toronto, they “have been charged with smoking on board an aircraft and endangering its safety.” So they ended up in jail.

When Hollywood makes a movie based on these events, they will have to change an ending to something more happy. Say these 2 drunk girls end up saving the lives of passengers, because there were terrorists they ended up neutralizing with their drunk antics.

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