This Is SENSATIONAL What CIA Director Has Admitted


CIA Director has admitted to spying on his friends and family. He said: “As a director of CIA, I have to set a good example. That’s exactly what I did.”

When asked why he thinks it is a good example, he replied: “Everyone should spy on their friends and family. That’s why I’m going to make sure everyone has the necessary capabilities.”

It’s not immediately clear how he will make sure this happens. But he did get angry when the journalist asked him a skeptical question.

He told the journalist to get lost, before journalist’s name has been put on a terrorist list.

Neither his admittance of spying on his friends nor his threat to a journalist caused any serious controversy.

The conservative media outlets have congratulated CIA Director on being a tough American and a true Republican. Some of them – Fox News, for example – have said that people like him are “the true champions of United States’ constitution, not some Ron Paul.”

Liberal news outlets, on the other hand, have largely ignored this development. Most of them have quantified it as a conspiracy theory planted in this country by Chinese.

When we asked liberal news outlets to explain their view that “this development is a Chinese ploy to discredit US”, they refused to comment. Then they added: “We believe our imagination is far more important than facts.

Later on we have found out that conservative news outlets are likewise relying on their imagination more than any on known facts. They said that how they view CIA is far more important than any facts we know. We totally agree with them.

Obama, as usual, has made a series of mistakes. First he said he supports the CIA director because he does not want to be murdered. Then he said he never said that. Then he said that he did say that, but his words were taken out of context.

Overall, though sensational, this development has caused little controversy. We all know what a nice guy CIA director is. So when he spies on his friends and family that must be for a good reason.

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Roman Marshanski
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