Cops Refuse To Investigate These Facebook Complaints


Ever called the cops after someone said something bad about your Facebook profile picture? Apparently, there are people who do just that. So if you are not one of them, you have something to be happy about.

According to the latest report from the British police, some people cannot stop pestering them with disputes related to Facebook insults. That probably means Facebook will soon start charging people for insulting each other.

That would be a hit: “Boost your insult to the top of your friend’s feed. Your revenge deserves to be at the top.” What psychopath would be able to resist such an appealing offer? No psychopath can.

The cops say that the people feeling digitally abused should just “unfriend” their abusers. But apparently calling the cops is easier than clicking a button. Otherwise why would anyone call the cops? It’s definitely not because some people are retarded.

But don’t take our words for granted. Rather read what the police officer himself has said about this situation on Facebook:

Just a short comment from me on this subject having spent the last 3 hours reviewing crime and ASB reports for the last two weeks in the areas that I cover.

Please do not call us for facebook incidents where you or someone else has had a falling out and then written something in the heat of the moment.

If you dislike someone enough to report them to the Police why would you have them as a friend on FB? If you don’t like a person, if you don’t know a person or they are not your friend why would you have them on your FB?

We can deal with and will deal with evidence on FB relating to domestic disputes/crimes or other serious matters.

But help begins with you, so press the unfriend button and have nothing more to do with the person. Then we can direct more of our resources to reducing and detecting crime, using your taxes to the communities best advantage.


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Roman Marshanski
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