Emergency! No longer possible to waste time on Facebook!


Facebook was down for 40 minutes just yesterday. I did not even notice, until I read it in the news. But many people had a full-blown crisis.

Some of these people called 911. Among them, a couple of Hollywood celebrities I personally know. There is no need to tell their names though. You already are well aware of their unusual behavior.

That’s worse than any other addiction. It usually takes people a couple of hours before they need to snort or smoke. With Facebook it’s 40 minutes or less.

What’s even more troublesome is that many people are full-blown Facebook addicts. If you don’t believe me, check out these data:

So let’s thank Mark Zuckerberg for something so wonderful. Let’s also thank all the people who called 911 for being so terrifically honest about their addiction. After all, being honest about your addiction is the first step to recovery.

Roman Marshanski
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