Zuckerberg’s Attempt To Take Over Africa REVEALED


You may have heard of Zuckerberg’s attempt at philanthropy called Internet.org. It aims to bring Internet to everybody, for free, with a smile, Zuckerberg-style.

People would be exposed to all the wonderful places of the Internet, especially Facebook. So the plan of Mark Zuckerberg is to take over Africa with a smile. It is to let everyone have fun with porn, Facebook, and other time-wasters, while he sneaks in and becomes the king of Africa. That would be indeed easy to do if everyone was watching porn.

This information has been revealed to us through a major leak of Facebook’s documents. In that leak, a secret recording of Zuckerberg has surfaced. No one got hold of it yet, except for our brave tech reporter, who sneaked into Facebook’s Palo Alto offices during the night.

The secret recording reveals a horrifying web of deception. It shows Mark Zuckerberg as an evil, foul-mouthed megalomaniac, like we did not know he is one:

I, Mark Zuckerberg, am the king of the world. Everyone else is a dumb fuck. I’m better than everyone else because I’m running a shitty site that steals everyone’s personal information, yet I make billions of dollars. Ha-ha! Now give me my lunch, you shitty assistant.

As you can see above, the first part of this recording has nothing to do with Internet.org. The second part of this recording does:

I’m going to take over Africa with this deceptive philanthropist bullshit scheme. What a bunch of dumb fucks! They are even dumber than Americans. Ha-ha! They’re about to become my slaves and they don’t even know it. Ha-ha!

How exactly would Mark Zuckerberg enslave Africans with Internet.org? The same way he enslaved everyone else with Facebook.

Don’t believe this is a conspiracy, just like Facebook itself? Then ask yourself this question: “Why else would anyone living in California use Facebook at the expense of other activities?” People from all over the world come here just to enjoy the sunshine, yet the natives are using Facebook. Clearly there is a conspiracy.

Not only have they been brainwashed by Facebook. They have been “deepwashed”. They have been “deepwashed”, because they consider it their obligation to use Facebook. Some are reluctant to do anything at all but waste their time on Facebook.

Africa, when bombarded with Internet.org, would embrace Facebook only to be brainwashed by its advertising. Ain’t it nice corporate American is so successful at exporting its flawed business model overseas?

Let’s say hooray to evil mastermind Mark Zuckerberg! We should all be very happy he’s calling everyone dumb fucks!

Let’s use Facebook more often so he has even more reason to call everyone a dumb fuck!

When you use Facebook the next time, remember the following words of Mark Zuckerberg – they may treat you of your digital addiction:

“You can be unethical and still be legal that’s the way I live my life haha.”


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