Google Jokes: ‘Self-Reproducing Cars’

Google Car Thought It Was A ShortCut

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We all know how great Google is. Nevertheless, it would be cool to make some jokes about its future. It seems so promising that it would be absurd to take it seriously, unless of course you are Google shareholder. So if you are Google shareholder, don’t read this, or you’d be tempted to think that Google can indeed outdo its current innovations with our absurdities.

In the 22nd century, Google will unveil a revolutionary new technology: it will be able to search your brain for anything you have forgotten (and replace it with AdWords).

In the 23rd century, the roads will become filled with love. Google will create “self-reproducing” cars.

In the 24th century, the politicians will be elected based on the number of Google searches each politician got. But Google will make it much smarter than that. If you, for example, searched for “Obama Scumbag”, Google will automatically double the weight of your vote.

In the 25th century, Google Search won’t be needed any longer. It’s “self-driving”, “self-reproducing” cars will outnumber the people of the world and Larry Page’s children will become the sole rulers of the wold.

In the 26th century, Google will create Google Hamburger. You will be getting more and more ham each time you eat it. Even though you won’t notice it, your waistline will.

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