Printer That Prints Food

Printer That Prints Food

Would you like to make your life easier and have your printer do your culinary chores for you? If so, send me twenty five bucks and I’ll send you the ultimate guide. Just don’t expect to get your money back.

No, I haven’t smoked any weed. However, a few friends of mine couldn’t stop talking about the benefits of it, saying: “Dude! You gotta help your creative process!”

Seriously speaking, PCWorld has reported that “Cornell scientists  have built a 3D printer that prints food. The printer, part of the Fab@Home project, allows you to use raw food as ‘ink’ for creating your culinary concoctions. All you have to do is input a recipe and sit back as your meal prints itself out. The idea is that even people who have never cooked anything in their lives could download the recipes of master chefs and whip up a delicious and nutritious meal.”

I already know what I’m gonna do when this printer comes out. I’m gonna make a bet with my friend chef. I’m gonna bet 100$ I can cook better than him. Then I’m gonna buy this food printer and lose the bet. Technology.

Would you buy that printer? Leave us a comment below and tell about the food you’d like to print.

via  Cornell Scientists Print The Future Of Food,  by PCWorld

Roman Marshanski
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