How To Influence People’s Perceptions

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Suppose you ask a hot chick if she would give you blowjob for fifty bucks. She slaps you in the face. That’s because it was a hypothetical question. Therefore, you see that hypothetical questions are important for your s** life, so get interested in this article.

That example demonstrates that hypothetical questions influence people’s perceptions of each other, even if asked in a most hypothetical way. So even stating a possibility of someone being involved in a certain situation can influence our perception of that person, or in our case, their perception of you. The authors of that study state that “what makes the process especially insidious is that it happens subconsciously”.

According to Stanford Graduate School of Business, “in an experiment published in 2001, Shiv and his colleague Gavan Fitzsimons, a professor at Duke University, looked at voting behavior, finding that [negative] hypothetical questions… decreased the percentage of participants voting for the targeted candidate (just like the one I gave you about blowjob). In this latest set of experiments, the researchers, who also included scholars from the Alberta School of Business and the University of Southern California, probed deeper to discover what gives hypothetical questions their power. Hypothetical questions, they found, work by heightening what psychologists call ‘accessibility’ — ‘what information becomes top of mind.’ ”

What their finding means to you and your s** life: don’t ask her hypothetical questions about blowjob or doggy-style ****. Did you need Stanford to learn that? Leave a comment below and make the world funnier.

via Stanford GSB News

Roman Marshanski
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