Funny Physics: Gas Someone Farted 12 Billion Years Ago


The high-school “C”-student  may get away with writing nonsense in physics class. He can just cite this discovery and pretend he knew it all along. Hooray to all the lazy students! 

Funny Character of Futurama  Saying Hooray!

Los Angeles Times has reported that “astronomers have for the first time discovered clouds of pristine gas in the distant universe about 12 billion light-years away. The finding offers a peek at what primordial gas looked like just a few minutes after the big bang, before heavier elements formed — a time when star formation was very different than it is today.”

But this discovery is just the beginning of something new and far more exciting. The results of it have surprised scientists and would require “a reevaluation of what scientists think they know about how matter flows between galaxies”. But my imagination tells me that maybe all the physics is wrong. Therefore, let’s burn all the physics textbooks and play Xbox before we know the full picture. Funny Picture of Einstein with Even Funnier Physics Quote


Yes, my wild imagination is right and all the physics is wrong: 

Einstein's Quote: Imagination is More Important than Knowledge.

After we burned all the physics textbooks, we should definitely change the grades of all the physics students. For example, back in high school, you got “C” in your physics class, because you didn’t study. Now, since we know that all the physics is wrong and I am right, your “C” should be reevaluated to “A”. And the guy who studied and got “A” should get “F”. Hard work should be punished.

So here is my suggestion for you: call up your former physics teacher, cite this article, and demand that your “C” be reevaluated to “A”, or you’ll sue the crap out of him. If that doesn’t work, call your high school and say you would sue them too.

If you got any comments, especially funny ones, leave  them below.

via Scientists find primordial gas 12 billion light-years away, by LA Times

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