Get Top Management Job and Laugh at Our Take on It

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The best way to get a top management position is to marry the daughter of your boss, then murder him. 

What we wrote above is actually not true. Plus, if you try it, you gonna go to jail and we have NOT written this article and you have NOT read it.

Specialize in one area and work in it for as long as possible. While this may seem like a tried-and-true formula of success, the latest research proves that you have to have something very different  in order to reach that coveted CEO position.

According to Ed Lazear of the Stanford Graduate School of Business,  “men and women who have amassed experience with a broad spectrum of management areas stand a better chance of making it to top management positions than those with more specialized resumes.”

“Lazear’s research also suggests that certain jobs, including those in banking, senior-level finance, and marketing, are more likely to lead to the corner office because they are, in a word, visible. Higher-profile jobs that put you in what Lazear calls ‘publicly observed decision-making situations’ let you frequently interact with many others who can see your results and recognize your abilities, and who ultimately become followers. Hence, you’re becoming a leader.”

What do you think? Have you murdered your boss and got his job? Leave us a comment about your funny criminal activity.

via Don’tBeTooSpecializedIfYouWantaTopLevelManagementJob.

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