Swallow Parasitic Worms and Get Healed

Funny & Angry Worm with Big Guns

Feeling down? Eat a few worms and feel well again.

No kidding, as Live Science has reported that “parasitic worms may be useful in treating lung disease and healing wounds… and though these parasites infect more than a billion humans worldwide and kill or sicken hundreds of millions of people yearly — the worms appear to trigger key elements of the immune system responsible for repairing damaged tissues and reducing inflammation.”

But don’t rush into swallowing them today. There is still a need for some research to be made on exactly how they need to be swallowed.

Though the scientists say that there is a need for further research, I am convinced that you can run outside, dig a hole, and dig up a few delicious worms. Then come home, grill them in olive oil, and put some garlic over them.
I wouldn’t try that recipe myself, but please do tell me if you try it and survive. Good luck.

Legal Disclosure: we are not advocating the eating of worms, nor are we saying it may heal you from anything.  If you die as a result of eating worms, this is your own stupidity and we have not written this article.

via Swallowing Parasitic Worms May Heal Your Ails |  LiveScience

Roman Marshanski
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