Oops! They Did It Again!

Fatal Attraction of Obama and Sarkozy

Fatal Attraction

Not that I am a negative person, but how come the American government has reached another near-shutdown moment? Is it my imagination?

Well, unfortunately for American government and fortunately for me, I don’t yet have delusions of these propotions. And indeed, VOA News, which is pretty much the voice of American government, has not only reported the given piece of news – under the title “Lawmakers Agree on $1 Trillion Deal to Avert Shutdown” -, but also mentioned two important facts which point to the above-mentioned opinion of mine:

“In August, wrangling over budget cuts and taxes led the U.S. government to come within hours of being unable to pay its debts and the country’s credit rating was downgraded for the first time in history.

The government also came within hours of shutting down because of stalled budget negotiations in April.”

I honestly don’t understand. There must be some strange drug that causes smart people to be stupid. How else can you explain that inexplicable phenomenon of millionaires and lawyers being unable to come to an agreement for so long?

But no, I wouldn’t include in our official list of Most Interesting News, at least in my imagination, so if you saw it here, then it is your own imagination.

However, if something happens more than twice – and it happens to the same person or entity -, it is no longer news, nor is it “interesting”. In that case it becomes a subject matter of a repetitive soap opera. So consider it “interesting” only thanks to us.

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