4 Signs You Are A Facebook Idiot + 1 Solution

Check out this post to see if you (or any of your friends) are Facebook idiots. Here you may also find some of the funniest Facebook pictures. We guarantee you that you will laugh all your worries away.

1. You are a Facebook Idiot if you were in the same situation as Obama was: Obama being Idiot and using Facebook to Spy on Cameron


2. You are a Facebook Idiot if you were in the same situation as this woman: The Most Stupid Facebook idiot Ever


3. You are a Facebook Idiot if you stole gas from a cop car, then posted about it on Facebook: Idiot Steals Gas from Cop Car, then posts about it on Facebook . 


What are the other signs you are a Facebook Idiot?

Facebook Thumb Down4. Well, suppose you rush out of your restroom to your laptop at 3am, puzzled by the question: “Did my best friend buy himself a new pair of socks?”

Before Facebook was “invented”, that question was unanswerable. Now you can not only answer it, but also find out what a stupid ass you are. You can do that by wasting the other half of your night in front of the screen, finding out the types of socks and trousers your ex-girlfriend is currently wearing.

Oooh! How exciting! That’s indeed the invention of the century, especially considering the fact that such a homely-looking, sweet, and well-meaning person as Mark Zuckerberg will make miracles happen exactly the same time you decide to buy that pair of socks. You will see – and be amazed – by an “ad” specifically for you: the pair of socks you so dreamed about. But now, thanks to Facebook and the information you provided it, you’re not gonna have any doubts about it: you will know: “I have to  be hip. I have to be cool. I have to buy that lousy pair of Calvin Klein socks.”


1 Solution That Might Treat You of Being A Facebook Idiot

We gotta find some solution to this “Facebook dilemma”, so all the “Facebook Idiots” out there can finally become “Facebook morons.” I can see only one. You gotta spend all your money on Facebook shares.

Then, each time you log into Facebook, drooling over the time you gonna waste on it, you could have a brand-new thought: “Damn! Now I log into Facebook and buy yet another unnecessary thing from its ads, my Facebook shares will yield me, instead of thirty seven cents a year, thirty eight cents a year.” Nothing beats being a Facebook investor.
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Roman Marshanski
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