4 Real Reasons Mark Zuckerberg Created Internet.org


1. Outsourcing jobs to Africa to save some money

The real reason behind Internet.org? Mark Zuckerberg, being a nice person, wants to outsource his software needs to Africa. He would train people there to be software engineers. Then pay them 1 dollar an hour, far more than anyone else would pay them in Africa. That’s why I say that we should nominate Mark for world’s best philanthropist, in the category of sneaky outsourcing bastards.

2. Finding an African bride for his second marriage

Mark Zuckerberg wants to get himself an African bride. “It doesn’t make any sense!” – you may be objecting. Well, this is not just a figment of our imagination, but a piece of information from authoritative source. So apparently African brides must be hard to find in USA. Maybe that’s why he married an Asian woman, though we personally love all women equally.

3. He got bored

Evil megalomaniacs get bored just like you and me. That’s what one of my friends told me. You can trust him: he thinks he is Napoleon Bonaparte. So he probably got the same problem as Mark.

4. He got nothing better to do

That’s pretty self-explanatory. He already got everything a person can possibly get. So why not try something new? Especially when everyone else is already investing in Africa.

Positive Side? Wikipedia. Now the people in Africa who don’t have food or water would be able to read Wikipedia. That’s one thing they really need. Reading it would definitely bring them water and food. Seriously, it even has an entry on magic, so that the people in Africa can just invoke magical incantations and their problems would magically disappear. Somehow it did not work out for everyone else who read it.

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