Secret Recording Reveals Rockefeller Conspiracy


You may have heard a conspiracy theory regarding Mister Rockefeller and chips. If you have, skip the next paragraph; or if you haven’t, refrain from skipping. The whole article is built around this intriguing concept.

This conspiracy theory states that Rockefeller plans to implant each human being with a chip. This way he and his billionaire-buddies would gain complete control over the mankind. The way they would gain complete control is by turning off access to electronic money whenever a person thinks something they dislike. Considering the ubiquity of electronic transactions, this actually makes sense. This theory was proposed in Zeitgeist. According to it, this would be done under the pretense of storing data inside human brain.

Rockefeller, however, has debunked this theory. You may argue that he would deny being an evil mastermind he is. You would be missing a point though. It was not an interview. It was a secret recording no one else was supposed to hear.

In this secret recording, Rockefeller has revealed that he and his billionaire-buddies have already implanted their chips in millions of humans’ brains. Each time you go to Walmart they check whether it is functioning or not. That’s why people go to Walmart.

Rockefeller’s secret brain chips are also a reason Walmart, “the world’s largest retail chain… became the world’s largest corporation based on gross sales“. Walmart executives have cooperated with Rockefeller and his allies. This way Rockefeller family was able to create a secret network of clandestine signals designed to control the human mind of any individual. In return, United States’ government – a puppet of Rockefeller family – have promised to destroy any competition Walmart may face.

Things have changed when Amazon came around. Walmart started facing more competition. But their boss is the head of Illuminati. You don’t fuck with that.

But don’t take my words for granted. Perhaps I may be serving the interests of “the members of the Steering Committee of Bilderberg Group“, the ones trying to outdo Rockefeller. You may argue he is a member of that group, but this is so in words only. Secret files reveal his desire to destroy all members of this group, himself included.

This secret recording was made by a former aide of Rockefeller who has turned against him. Rockefeller’s behavior horrified him so much that even millions of dollars he was getting paid couldn’t motivate him to continue the terrible work he was supposed to do. Therefore, he took a courageous step and revealed it all.

According to this secret recording, Rockefeller has a de facto control of every human being who has ever visited Walmart. But don’t my words for granted. Read the actual transcript:

I’m tired of this crap, you lousy piece of shit Obama. I need even more money. I control every human being on this goddamn planet and you piece of shit is supposed to bend over and fulfill all my wishes. If you don’t, I’d turn off your chip and you die.

Apparently Rockefeller wanted even more subsidies for his numerous businesses. But the part above is not as interesting as the second one:

You’re asking me why I can’t just use the chips we implanted to make people do exactly what I wish? They were made in fucking Mongolia. They have so many malfuntions I wish they were made in China. But what the fuck! At least we saved. Mongolian government was so desperate to have technology they paid us to build sweatshops where we exploit them. Suckers.

So now you know. Each time you go to Walmart the chip inside your head conveys all the vital information to Rockefeller and his buddies. If you’re skeptical this is true, then that’s because the chip inside your head is doing its job.

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