15 Funny Insulting Names To Call Your Friends & More To Know

Why use f-word when you can get creative with your insults? So pick one of these funny insulting names for your friends. Then insult ’em responsibly today.

Please do that in a good-natured manner and vote for one of your favorite insulting words. You can vote for it at the end of the page. After you’ve voted, please ask your friends to vote too. They’d be amused.

 15 Funny Insulting Names

Robin And Batman Insulting Each Other With Funny Names
Meanwhile, Joker is taking over the world and texting Batman insults of all kinds.
  1. Bozo
  2. Wuss
  3. Fatso
  4. Wanker
  5. Weirdo
  6. Porker
  7. Geezer
  8. Spastic
  9. Doorknob
  10. Inbreeder
  11. Birdbrain
  12. Lamebrain
  13. Boogerface
  14. Poo-poo head
  15. Village idiot

These names above are just the tip of the insulting iceberg. There’s a lot more insulting and funny stuff below. So keep reading and you’ll find more amusing stuff.

6 Good Insulting Words And 6 Uniquely Insulting Phrases

Woman Reacts To Insulting Words
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Almost all of these words below describe a stupid person. Only one of them – “dork” – describes a socially inept person. But I did more than just list them.

  1. Stupid. Why say just “stupid” when you can say “superstupid”? You can do even better and add a bit of sarcasm. So you can say to your friend: “You’ve been acting like a superstupid Superman from mentally retarded future.”
  2. Deadhead. Why say just “deadhead” when you can say “braindead deadhead”? But you can do even better. You can say “braindead deadhead who’s died from mental retardation centuries ago.”
  3. Dork. Why say just “dork” when you can say “odd dork dog of a man”? This way, your insult would have a hidden meaning. In ancient Greece, the word “dog” was an insult. People of ancient Greece used that word against someone who behaved in an improper or shameless way.
  4. Dingbat. Why say just “dingbat” when you can say “half-wit dingbat”? This way, you imply that a person has only one quarter of a stupid person’s brains and is eccentric. Yes, “dingbat” is usually eccentric. Interestingly, there’s a board game Dingbats. Whether this game is stupid as a dingbat or not depends on the dingbat who’s playing it.
  5. Bonehead. Why say just “bonehead” when you can say “bonehead, not the original musical Bonehead”? This way, you confuse the opponent. However, you still make sense. There’s an English musician Paul Benjamin Arthurs who’s known as Bonehead.
  6. Assmonkey. Why say just “assmonkey” when you can say “the dirtiest assmonkey alive?” The receiver of “this compliment” will sure remember it.

If you think these insulting phrases and words are amusing, please check out this list of really funny comebacks, insults, and burns. You’d be totally amused.

List Of 23 One Word Insults For Guys And Girls

  1. Tool
  2. Tard
  3. Asshat
  4. Assclown
  5. Dicknose
  6. Fat lard
  7. Weaksauce
  8. Sleezebag
  9. Buttmunch
  10. Cockmuppet
  11. Cockshiner
  12. Cheesedick
  13. Dickbreath
  14. Rumpranger
  15. Cockgobbler
  16. Butknuckler
  17. Butt monkey
  18. Douchemonger
  19. Douchenozzle
  20. Clitsplitter
  21. Carpet-cleaner
  22. Rumpleforeskin
  23. Knuckle-dragger

If you’re amused by these one word insults, you’ll also be amused by these 35 Funny Spongebob Roasts, Quotes, And Jokes. Or you can watch a video below with more great insults.

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23 Embarrassing And Mean Nicknames For Guys They Won’t Forget

Guy Reacts To A Mean Nickname
Share this guy’s reaction to a mean nickname now.
  1. Snail. He’s your laziest friend.
  2. Coma. He’s your most boring friend.
  3. Chipmunk. He’s your shortest friend.
  4. Businessman. He’s your friend who’s always busy on the phone.
  5. Flame brain. He’s your most short-tempered friend.
  6. Rabbit. He’s your fastest but proudest friend.
  7. Minion. He’s your friend who’s too quick to obey someone.
  8. Slim Jim. He’s skinnier than anyone else you know.
  9. Mister Meow. He loves cats too much.
  10. Yawner. He wants to take a nap all the time.
  11. Ironed. He always wears iron pressed clothes.
  12. Mister Pokemon. He’s your dorkiest friend.
  13. Low signals. He never understands any jokes.
  14. Fooly. He’s easily fooled.
  15. Chaired. He always wants to lead but rarely succeeds at that.
  16. Timebomb. He always bursts out in anger.
  17. Sleepy Eyes. He always looks sleepy.
  18. Book Zombie. He’s your friend who often prefers to read a book instead of going out.
  19. Jarganotor. He’s using too much jargon.
  20. Wikileaks. He can’t keep a secret.
  21. Mister Google. Whatever you ask him, he tells you to Google it.
  22. Barbarian. He’s your least civilized friend with worst hygiene.
  23. Chatterbox. He’s your friend who can’t stop talking.

If you think these mean nicknames are amusing, then this 49 Most Savage Roasts And Jokes List will amuse you too.

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