Why This Attorney General Won’t Fight Same-Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage - Funny Joke

You may have heard that West Virginia’s attorney general will no longer fight against same-sex marriage. What you don’t know is the secret reason behind his decision.

Unknown to most people who work with him, West Virginia’s attorney general has been gay all his life. But he managed to hide it. He even has a wife and kids.

West Virginia’s attorney general hates himself just a much as all other gays. That’s because he has hard time accepting himself as gay. So he fought against gay men in court, because he has hard time fighting himself.

So you may be asking yourself: “Why is it then that this attorney general decided to change his stance on gay marriage?” The answer is simple. He accepted himself as gay. Besides, he has come out as closeted homosexual. But this information has been revealed to only a select few of his friends. None of the people he works with know about it.

This information would be especially damaging for him. That’s because he’s a member of the Republican Party. For this reason he has to hide anything good or bad except for his affiliation with corrupt corporate interests. But apparently he may switch to Democrats because of his sexual orientation. He may even marry Barack Obama:

Another reason Patrick Morrisey – West Virginia’s attorney general – may be hiding his homosexuality is the shame he feels for polluting environment. He apparently thinks that being homosexual requires you to be more ethical than if you are heterosexual.

Mister Morrisey has spearheaded a lawsuit against EPA. That lawsuit is supposed to help West Virginia’s coal-fired power plants to continue polluting the environment.

But he has hidden his real motives for helping pollute the environment. Apparently, he thinks they are just as bad as his sexual orientation. We, however, think that nothing can get as bad as politician’s motives, especially something so good as sex.

His statement clearly shows his desire to hide his real motives for helping pollute the environment:

This lawsuit represents another effort by our office to invalidate the E.P.A.’s proposed rule that will have devastating effects on West Virginia’s jobs and its economy,” the state’s attorney general, Patrick Morrisey, said in a statement.

What Mister Morrisey did not mention is that “clean energy creates three times more jobs than fossil fuels“. That means either that Mister Morrisey forgot that coal is after all a fossil fuel or he is just plain corrupt. So don’t listen to politicians, or you may think banks are actually helping the United States’ economy: a statement so ridiculous you may wonder if its author has been bribed by banks or brainwashed by someone really stupid.

The guy therefore gives himself a noble motive for serving corrupt corporate interests. Quite unfortunate he finds his homosexuality just as corrupt. Maybe if he didn’t he wouldn’t be working for corporate America, or he’d be working in gay porn. Still, if he were working in gay porn, that would be much better for this country, and bad for gay porn:

West Virginia's attorney general Patrick Morrisey

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