Funniest Twilight Memes and Jokes

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Funny Twilight Memes

1. This Is What Brokeback Mountain Characters Think Of Twilight

Funniest Twilight Memes - Brokeback Mountain Parody

2. These Are The Funny Thoughts Of Twilight Cast

Funniest Twilight All Cast Parody Picture

3. This Is Why Edward Cullen Sucks

Edward Cullen - Funny Meme

4. This Is What Twilight Actors REALLY THINK

Funniest Twilight All Cast Parody Picture

5. Some People Want To Become Vampires

Stupid Twilight Question About Becoming Vampire
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6. This Is Why Vampires Don’t Like Twilight

Twilight Jokes About Scared Vampire
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7. The Only Lesson You Can Learn From Twilight

Lessons from Twilight - The Ones You Can Learn

8. This Is Why Abraham Lincoln Wouldn’t Like Twilight

Funniest Twilight Memes - Abraham Lincoln Parody

9. This Is Why You Don’t See Kristen Stewart Smile

Meme About Kristen Stewarts Smile

10. This Is The REAL Logic Behind Twilight Movies

Twilights Simple Logic

11. This Is Why Twilight Can Get You Pregnant

Twilight Movie Parody About Sex Education
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12. Some Vampires Have A Sparkle

Funny Twilight Meme About Edwards Sparkle

Funny Twilight Jokes

Q: Why aren’t there real vampires living right now?
A: They all killed themselves after reading Twilight.

Q: Why is Edward Cullen so pale?
A: There isn’t any light in the closet.

Q: Why is Twilight like watching a soccer match?
A: Young people running around … lots of heavy breathing … and nobody scores!

Q: How do you know that Bella has some issues?
A: She is constantly trying to romantically decide between b**tiality and necrophilia.

Q: Why can’t Edward read Bella’s mind?
A: There’s nothing to read.

Q: How many Twihards does it take to screw on a light bulb?
A: I don’t know, they’re all too busy fighting over who gets to be Mrs Cullen

Q: How did Jacob’s boss discover he was a werewolf?
A: He kept calling in sick with “mange.”

Q: How do you stop Jacob from attacking you?
A: Throw a stick and yell “fetch!”

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