This Is Why Americans Have Voted For Republicans

You may have heard that in the latest Congressional election Republicans have gained control over both houses. What you haven’t heard, is the reason behind this development.

The real reason Americans have voted for Republicans is the hate for their own politicians. Indeed, how can you not hate the people who have destroyed your own country? Even the leaders of foreign countries cannot claim that much credit in that respect:


Because of hatred Americans feel for their politicians, they are no longer counting on politicians to take any action. Instead, they figured the only way to change the country is to let the worst possible people take control over it.

When these worst possible people – politicians – finally outdo themselves and the country is in total chaos, the people hope that politicians would no longer be able to control anything. When this happens, the revolutionaries would run free. This way – the people hope – bankers and other evil-doers would finally be brought to justice. But this justice would not the done before the court, in front of corrupt judges. It would be done by people with arms.

There is also a second reason people voted for Republicans. They finally realized that Barack Obama is nothing more than corporate clown parading as people’s hero. So they want to make sure Obama does not have the power to enact new laws. Little do they know that Republicans are just as bad as Obama, or maybe they are in denial.

According to Fox News, everything is wonderful. The ads are being bought and sold. This gives Fox News and its executives lots of advertising revenue. Everything else is secondary. That’s why Fox News have reported that the reason for Republicans’ victory is the Republicans’ effort to improve the lives of ordinary Americans (the same way corrupt politicians are here to help us lead better lives). Fox News makes perfect sense, if you turn everything they say upside down. That’s why we think that Fox News sucks even worse than country’s most retarded man Barack Obama.

Don’t worry about the latest development though. Republicans are going to drive this country into the ground, so eventually even Obama would be considered a good president. That would be the greatest Republican achievement to date.


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